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    Koro GT3

    Can our German boaders give a general ideia of what is stated on this video Thanks


    Re: Koro GT3

    "Zuruck auf der Nordsleifeeuuuuu"
    nice piece of work ... only doors looks crappy.
    This video was shown and debated some months ago, though.

    Re: Koro GT3


    Re: Koro GT3

    I'm not German but I speak the language fairly well, so here it is in short:

    It's a presentation of a Porsche GT 3 from the German tuner Koro, situated in Heilbron. The video is shot on the "Nordschleife" of the Nürburgring.
    The car has a 4.6 liter engine, no turbo, no blower, but generates 500 Nm of torque and 500 hp at the rear wheels. Redline is just below 8,000 rpm.
    Front end, hood and doors are carbon fiber items and all windows except the front screen are plastic. Total weight 1,140 kg's, which is a reduction of approx 250 kg's compared to stock. Each door weighs only 4 kg's. A stock door is eight times that weight.
    It out-accelerates a normal turbo without problems. 0-100 kph in 3.5 sec, 0-200 kph in 10.5 sec and the top speed is 330 kph.
    If you want a car like this, in addition to supplying an original GT3 you have to fork up another 115,000 Eur for the mods.

    Their web link:


    Re: Koro GT3

    How the hell can these guys at Koro bore out more and more the GT3 N/A engine each time and pulling such HP/Torque numbers without turbocharging never seazes to amaze me. And the 1,140kg weight is already an acomplishment and proper philosophy for a tunner

    Thanks for the translation Björn

    Re: Koro GT3

    As far as I heard they did tons of development for car industry and racing teams already, so they have quite a profound knowledge about the subject. In fact they own several patents which enable them to increase the output that massively. This is definately a car worth to consider buying - after winning the lottery.

    Additionally to Björn's faboulous translation (did you learn it in school? ) the suspension setup seems to be quite good, in combination with the sport tires the car handles pretty nice - despite the hp figure!

    Re: Koro GT3

    What are they discussing about the spoiler, I can only make out about 1/2 of it, my deutsch is a little rusty (my mom would be angry).

    Re: Koro GT3

    Surgeon and Ferdie,

    all hear i relation to the spoiler is that the car is "low" and that the front is made of carbon fiber.

    I did learn/take German for several years in school, but soon forgot most of it. It wasn't until about ten years later when I started spending time on and around Nurburgring that "it all came back to me".
    So don't ever say that motorsports isn't of cultural value! :-)
    Used to ride motorcycles a lot at the Ring in the late eighies and early nineties (as a "Ring-nut", professional test rider and journalist), but have yet to drive a car around that track.

    Now I can stay away any longer- plan to take the Carrera down there later this spring...



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