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    A couple GT3 questions?

    I'm thinking about the new GT3 alot lately and have been wondering about a couple things:

    1.) Will it have e-gas? I realize that the answer is probably "yes", but I think many would prefer a mechanical throttle (quicker response and easier to blip for downshifting). If any model goes mechanical, it would be this one, since there is no PSM to interact and there is no electronic boost (turbo) to interface. My fear is that it is necessary for emissions.

    2.) Will the US version come with the GT3 bucket seats, and if not, will there be an alternative offered besides the existing seats?

    3.) Will there be an alternative to leather interior (alacantra would be great), both cloth would be ok too.

    4.) Will the new wheels be forged (like the old GT3 wheels) or cast like most new Porsche wheels?

    5.) Will Bi-Xenon lights be standard (like Turbo not $1k like Carrera)?

    6.) When will the weight be announced and how much will they save from lighter, battery, etc. as in specs?

    Thanks for indulging my obsession!

    Re: A couple GT3 questions?

    Don't know any answers for certain, but here's what I think;

    My C4 had e-gas and I hated it. It had a mind of its own, making a real chore of throttle-blips for rev matching. I don't know if my GT3 has e-gas, but if it does it's tuned like a cable linkage. Response is instantaneous and predictable like a real sports car should be. Of course it's possible that US emissions requirements could change that. Man, that would suck!

    I seriously doubt GT3 buckets will be available as an option in the US. I think it's a legal problem with rear passengers - the buckets don't fold forward for emergency escape from the rear. You will probably have to buy GT3 seats separately. But the good news is that you could then get the cloth seats which are cheaper and hold you in place better. And you would still own the regular seats which might help resale.

    Don't know about forged vs. cast wheels. I doubt Bi-Xenons will be standard although I don't know. And don't expect too much weight saving.

    Your GT3 has a solid mechanical linkage - hope mine will too

    Re: Your GT3 has a solid mechanical linkage - hope mine will too

    Unless Porsche makes some effort unlike the past, the GT3 will likely come with sport seats like the GT2 did in the US. My new car has E-Gas, 99 did not. I like the wire much better. We seem to take as many steps back (throttle and abs) as we do foward (3.6 x51 and x74).

    I think that e-Gas is.....

    Grant....I think that e-Gas is here to stay. I remember reading (Christophorus?) that vario cam plus presumes e-Gas. With the cam timing, valve lift and intake runner length all varying (and changing potential torque produced) at the request of the Motronic unit, the DME has to vary the throttle opening to smooth the torque delivery. Remember that engine output is now a "torque based algorithm" in the DME. An example of this would be that, at constant accelerator position, the DME would slightly open the throttle to compensate for the additional torque required when the AC cycles on.

    Well, if that's true, I hope they use faster motors to

    operate the throttle butterflies. I think the M3 and F360 both use e-gas too and I think their's are a bit quicker.

    I sure wish it was mechanical though


    E-Gas actually is a great enhancement and improves throttle response. As far as I remember there have been some early production cars which weren't quite to the specs but usually, E-gas is a huge improvement.
    As far as I know, the new GT3 has E-Gas too.

    RC - It may help in certain circumstances, but...

    I find it awkward to blip the throttle for downshifting. It seems that you have to press the throttle pretty far and it takes longer than with a mechanical linkage. It just feels sort of disconnected. Basically, there is an inerent delaty, since an electric motor has to adjust the engine when you press the pedal (electronic potentiometer) and no motor is as fast as a solid linkage. Ferrari owners have complained of the same thing when they went to e-gas too...

    Well, you have to get used to it

    No doubt about it.


    For what it is worth, I don't have any of these problems. I find the that engine revs very freely.

    What's the difference between having a potentiomiter under your foot and having one at the end of a great big cable running all the way back to the engine compartment?

    Of course, RC and I are in the Turbo. Maybe that is the difference? I can imagine that the turbo might have been made a little more sensitive.


    FWI also W....

    I too, do not experience the delays in throttle response that you refer to, Grant. I drive a '99 C4 which was the first P model in the US to have e-Gas. On the contrary, I find that the thing is very sensitive to pedal movement. Maybe you have a "linkage" problem. The e-Gas pedal pulls a short cable vertically down which turns a pot about 8 inches above your right foot. Maybe you have some slack in the short cable?

    Re: FWI also W....

    Could be - but I can't check, since I already sold that car to get $ together for GT3. But your comments are encouraging. Maybe I have nothing to fear from e-gas then...

    Re: FWI also W....

    Grant are dead-on with your assesment of E-gas (IMHO) unless they've made some fairly impressive improvements in 03........I regularily drive a 993 and 2 996s w/E-gas (01 & 02, one a Roock Turbo) and every time I get back in my 993 the responce is thoroughly refreshing........I don't care what anybody says.
    If you go back 2 yrs ago I was posting the same darn thing and writing the same comments to Pano.
    To this day, anyone who has an upgrade to help (at all) on this ...has my money.
    Now, having said that....I'm going to have to admit that E-gas (in concert with PSM & ABS) has probably saved my aars on the track more times than I know.
    But golly...should be able to have your cake & eat it too shouldn't you? real reason why the 'E' shouldn't be more responsive.....on the upside, you (eventually) do get used to it and adjust ........GreggT

    Thanks, Gregg!

    I drove back to back with my 02 C2 and 73 911S and the 73 was much more responsive to throttle input. I didn't think I was crazy (and I think the car was working properly)...

    BTW, I gave you 5 stars (but someone took 2 of mine away )


    Could it be that the '73 has carbs with an overly rich (by today's standards) mixture? A rich mixture aids throttle response but doesn't do a lot for our environment.

    Also, aren't you living in the clouds? Altitude would also richen the mixture on a carb system. The modern engine would compensate.

    Could just be that your early S engine is the more flexible. They were highly desirable at the time.


    Re: 911S

    Actually, the 73 has fuel injection (Bosch Mechanical Injection). It's recently tuned...

    Re: 911S

    I was thinking of the earlier ones....

    But what I said still applies. Those engines really increased the fuel intake when you mashed on the throttle. A modern engine cannot do that.

    That was a really beautiful engine. It had been really well developed.


    Re: 911S

    It is a real sweetheart of a motor. 190HP with 7,300 rpm redline pushing a car that weighs 2,350 lbs. It wasn't until 11 years later that the 911 exceeded that horsepower in the USA(but by then the car was several hundred pounds heavier and the redline was over 1,000 rpm lower)



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