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    New GT3 - OFFICIAL Info available now

    3.6 l engine with 381 HP, top speed 306 kph, red line at 8400 rpm, 375 Nm torque, GT2 steel brake (350 mm front, 330 mm rear). More infos to come later on but I think who monitored for the past few months, already knew most details.

    Re: New GT3 - OFFICIAL Info available now

    I like the picture the Aero looks really nice. Is this 3.6L engine based on regular 3.6 engines or completely different?

    Re: New GT3 - OFFICIAL Info available now

    So the Aerokit 2 was in fact the new GT3 body ,
    106 hp/L and a red line at 8400 rpm, humm, I think that some Italian stallions are starting to sweat (what do you think Luigi? , BTW, how much was your 10,000 km serviving on your 360?)
    Fantastic, it was worth the wait,
    Now THAT's a REAL Porsche

    FULL official information available in the NEWS section now

    We also included to larger pictures.

    Here's the direct link: GT3 News


    ...the new GT3 engine is based on the "old" one, same as 996 Turbo and GT2. This is not the M96 engine used on the 996 C2, C4, C4S and Targa.

    Re: GREAT!!!


    New GT3

    The more I look at it the more I like it
    I'm going nuts for the next Porsche, C4 S, GT3, C2 Cab., upcoming C4 S cab.?
    What a delimma to go through

    Re: New GT3

    Horrible wing. Why do Porsche can't make it a cleaner look like the Modena, without the need of those rice type of wing. The stock Carrera look much better without that cheap tuning style aero kit.


    Re: New GT3

    I'm afraid J has a point,
    The standard Carrera looks definitly "cleaner"
    I prefer the GT2's wing IMO.
    But no wing at all is best.
    Actually, that's a good question, how come Ferrari can make 660hp car without wings and not Porsche, do they think it's pretty?

    Re: New GT3

    Does Porsche offer new wheels for the GT3?
    According to the fotos in the new section.
    If yes, do you have other pictures from the wheels, the look a bit strange.

    Regarding wing: I also like cars without wings. One solution is really nice, an this is the wing from the tt. Of course porsche cars needs wings, because of the surface pressure. But I'm also sure they can find other solutions, like in the carrera or as mentioned in the tt.
    So I think the GT cars got those wings, because porsche wants them to look like race cars. So we got once more to the point, porsche & marketing.


    Thanks RC! Very helpful info! Only one question remaining:

    Do you assume from the article that the Clubsport will be available in the US? That's great that it's the same price as comfort version!

    ClubSport-less in USA

    Almost impossible Grant because of USA regulations on crashable interiors.

    Porsche would need to safety test and qualify the interior of car with the cage installed and I would be really surprised if it passed with all of that steel tubing around.

    Far easier just to prohibit it and then allow middle men to supply the market with parts for you.


    Variable RPM limit

    Yes, got the news this morning even before it was posted at RennTeam. But that's ok, I used RennTeam as a confirmation.

    I guess the most interesting bit for most people will be the pricing. Significantly cheaper, both in the USA and Europe, than we were all expecting. I guess this is a product of the current economic situation?

    Technically, it looks to be a matter of further development of the 996 GT3. Clearly it is going to be very fast indeed.

    I guess the thing that I'm most curious about is the variable rev limit based upon gear selection. I've never seen this before. I wonder what the reason for this might be? Could it be a limit on top speed to protect the tyres? Or is there something else going on here? I've known airplane engines with strange RPM constraints (due to unusual balancers on the crankshaft) but never an auto engine with this sort of limit. It will be interesting to hear the details of this.


    Sport suspension (-30mm)

    Do you think GT3 will still have coil-overs and adjustable swaybars or just the X74 suspension. Maybe they don't want the liability in the US that mis-adjusting the suspension could cause (major oversteer w/o PSM for example)...

    Re: Sport suspension (-30mm)

    NO no no,
    GT3 suspensions and X74 are completely different, not sure how but I know they're not the same.
    GT3 much more racy and hard.
    Although the ride height is the same,

    Re: Sport suspension (-30mm)

    I would be amazed if Porsche tried to dilute it like that. Underneeth I am sure it will be the real McCoy.

    But no doubt there will be a very large, and very bold warning in the owner's manual against adjusting the suspension. Right next to the warning against adjusting the rear wing.

    Don't worry Grant. You're going to get the GT3 you've been drooling over all of these months. You might have to tear little pages out of the manual and maybe you are going to have to find a non-Porsche shop to adjust it all properly for you and to install your roll cage and GT3 seats. But in the end, you are going to have what every little boy dreams about. The meanest, baddest track Porsche they can make.


    Thanks, Stephen!

    Re: Sport suspension (-30mm)

    In reply to:
    The meanest, baddest track Porsche they can make.

    I truely hope so but I wouldn't be on it. We don't have precise weight figures yet. All people I talked to indicated that the new GT3 will have the same "real world" performance as the 996 Turbo has. Which would mean that the new GT3 weights around 1400 kg or even slightly more. More than the old GT3 and still too much for serious track racing. But at least this car will have all the genes (adjustable suspension and rear wing) to be transformed to the perfect track car and this is what counts a lot.

    I happy to hear that they excluded the PCCB from the rumored Clubsport Package and that they don't charge extra for the Clubsport version. Wise decision I guess.

    The meanest, baddest track Porsche they can make

    Of course you are right Christian, we will need to wait and see.

    But we both know that Rohrl will be tasked with recording an improved Ring lap time. Anywone want to bet that it just happens to be 4 seconds slower than his GT2 time?


    What's Rohl's GT2 time (and TT and C2 also)?

    Re: What's Rohl's GT2 time (and TT and C2 also)?

    Off the top of my head, it is 7:56, 7:56 and 7:49 (or was it 7:46?) with the last obviously being the GT2.

    I think it was 7:46 so I guess we're looking at 7:50 for the new GT2 ... but that it would be better to get under 7:50 so my money is on 7:49. Anyone want to take my bet? : )



    Although the price isn't too high, I think its odd that the base European price is 12,000 euros/dollars less than the base USA price. Extra profit for PCNA and the dealers I guess.

    Re: Pricing

    Don't forget that a private buyer in Europe will also have to pay something like 17-21% VAT (excluding Denmark -- they can't even afford to drive a scooter). So the net price to the customer is even higher.

    Many will try to hide their Porsche in the company expense account but this is getting a lot tougher these days. The tax man knows that you aren't buying a Porsche because of its great luggage space or fuel efficiency.

    So Porsche has to look at the net price to the customer. It is what the market will bear.

    But there is something interesting about all of this. In Europe, the VAT only gets paid once. But in the USA it is common for the states to charge the sales tax each time a sale is made. If the car goes through four hands in the USA then it is likely that the American will ultimately end up paying more tax.



    Does this mean I won't have the baddest meanest track Porsche around anymore?

    Hmmm... I can put the 6 piston 350mm brakes on, dry sump won't happen, maybe some exhaust tweaks and a DME program. Hate to have to swap out that awesome new X74 for coilovers.... just kidding (except the brakes and mufflers)

    I've heard they are having some problems with the new rear wing, anyone else hear this?

    Roll cage

    BTW, how sad is it that we live in a country in this day and age that won't let you have a roll cage and 5 point harnesses since they might DECREASE the crashworthyness of the car? Do you think we could argue that at a Race. I don't want to put the cage in since it might hurt in a crash. DAMN (DUMB) POLITICIANS!

    Re: Roll cage

    Yeah, the 6-point safety harness could get you a ticket for not wearing the mandatory seat belt.

    But seriously, it is possible to find problems around the edges but let's give them credit for the fact that the Americans started this safety push and in general, we are all much better off because of it.


    Re: Pricing

    Remember that US warranties are 4 years and RoW is 2 years, so that's worth quite a bit on a car like this (very pricey drivetrain to repair/replace with your own $)

    Re: What's Rohl's GT2 time (and TT and C2 also)?

    From Track Challenge:

    GT2 7:46
    GT3 Cup 7:49 (360hp one)
    Turbo 7:56
    Old GT3 8:03
    2002 Carrera 8:17


    Re: What's Rohl's GT2 time (and TT and C2 also)?

    This goes back to the arguement that it is not fair to compare as most the times have different drivers under different conditions.

    Re: New GT3 - OFFICIAL Info available now

    Great post, RC. Thanks Porsche for the USA availability. Impressive car.



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