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    My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related


    Me Hi ash whats up - what are you doing?
    imaprincess0101 Nothing im at chris'. Guess what, i got a new car, its a toyota 4runner limited
    Me awesome, since your over at his house find out what new car he bought.
    imaprincess0101 which one??
    me Didnt you say he bought a new porsche?
    imaprincess0101 yea but i dont no anything about it, i no what color it is
    Me That doesnt really help me out, go see what it says on the back of the car.
    imaprincess0101 on the back of what car? his?
    Me Oh gosh, Well is he busy right now, just ask him and save yourself the trouble of thinking
    ha im not asking him, he ll yell at me. want me to go look in the garage?
    Me yes please
    imaprincess0101 god hold on

    a few moments later ....

    imaprincess0101 its a carear gt
    Me Shut up
    imaprincess0101 i dont no how to spell it ok

    I send her a picture of the carrera from the front.

    Me Does it look like that??
    imaprincess0101 eww yes, its long in the back tho
    Me You have absolutely got to be kidding me
    imaprincess0101 are those long in the back? cuz its not like his other one.

    (he had a carrera 4S before)I send her another pic from the side.

    imaprincess0101 what is that thing
    Me The carrera GT
    imaprincess0101 ok well it just said carea gt on the back,and all i no is that its bigger then the other one he had and its longer in the back- im not allowed near it half the time.
    Me Oh man i think im gonna drive over there, are the seats uncomfortable?
    imaprincess0101 um yea its very low too, like low to the ground, do you want that car?
    Me No and yea- Really expensive
    imaprincess0101 Is it? how much are those gt things.
    Me 440,000 MSRP, but they sell it for more than that at dealers, to get commission or something like that. ash i didnt tell you that, dont get all pissed.
    imaprincess0101 wait. so ur telling me that car is more than 440000 dollars?
    Me Im pretty sure
    imaprincess0101 Wow, hold on a sec k.
    Me Oh [censored], hey come back here dont even bitch at him.
    imaprincess0101 i got to go...ill talk to you later
    Me Whoa, hey what did you do?
    i [censored] yelling at him - no thats so stupid, its a car, wow...thats all i have to say...WOW, its not even cute either, omg
    imaprincess0101 signed off at 1:34:58 AM.

    ahhhh jeeze, here we go again - more fighting.

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    ahh "dizzy" american girls... i don't miss them at all

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    Funny story Tropher.
    The truth is, if you're gonna spend that kind of money on a car and you're married.
    You either tell her or make sure she never finds out the price, because she'll never fogive you for getting her a bottle or perfume for Xmas!
    It's funny women in general don't find the CGT particularly attractive. All the women I've asked say it looks like a big Boxster and all prefer teh SLR, it's the doors, they love the doors, which I must admit have an amazing bling bling effect!

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    Wow, TopherV, nice conversation indeed!!! . Carear Gt hahaha!, nice.

    I think you might get over there and do some pics of the beauty, this doesn't happen all days!!.

    Thanks for the post.

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    Oh yea of course - my jaw dropped when
    she told me he has it sitting in his garage.

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    Nice story TopherV. Would be even funnier if we substituted Nick for Chris

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    Im gonna go check out the car soon - Ill take pictures and what not

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    this is really funny

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    is Chris a friend or relative?

    Good story btw

    Re: My convo with a close friend of mine - Carrera GT related

    The girl is ashley - a close high school friend of mine.
    Chris is ashleys boyfriend.



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