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    Bahrain Grand Prix

    As usual the reds take it again

    Don't you all thin that Mercedes-McLaren team needs to go back to the drawing board again? 3 races 3 engine blow ups What is that say about the SLR?

    And no Champaign to celeberate.

    Re: Bahrain Grand Prix

    Yeah, not only generously covered up team and track stewardess', but soda water instead of champaign! what is F1 coming to well, we will be seeing more of that since Berny Ecclestone wants two more middle east GP's.

    Another walk for Ferrari, even the track temperature was 20*C lower than yesterday to favor even more their Bridgestones and next GP is at Imola... thats just great

    What a job by Button and he has got one fast and reliable car too, I'd say only second to Ferrari. But poor Kimi...
    Alonso didn't have much luck either, first the brake problem in the qualifying and then he need to back to the pit for a new front end after running into one of the Jaguars in the start-launch, they are always so slow launching and Alonso expressed this concern right before the start in an interview at the grid, he was afraid he may run into one of the Jaguars if they didn't launch well. But climbing 14 positions during the race for 6th is not bad I guess hope they can get some more top speed out of the Renault for the next races, they don't even reach 900HP

    Wonder what will happen to Sato due to that bad move on Ralph, the guy is famous for doing such un-sportive moves and just never learns. Also Webber is another ass, not satisfied with almost driving Alonso into the wall of the staright at Malasia, he was holding him up with some very dirty blocking today

    Just heard during the race that the Willliams downforce at 300km/h is 2300kg! thats 5,000 lbs

    Re: Bahrain Grand Prix

    Carlos - do you see a certain fellow countryman driving a certain red car in a couple years ?

    Re: Bahrain Grand Prix

    couple of years is right I hope, MKW! both Schummi and Barichello's contract expire at 2006 which is just when Alonso's with Renault expires too but will schummi and barichello renew contract?

    Ferrari wins, surprised?

    Poor Mclaren.



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