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    996 vs E39 M5

    Had the chance to drive a M5 back to back with my car. According to official figures, the M5 is quicker than the 996, specially form 100Kph above, but it really doesn't feel like it. You can barely hear the engine from inside the car, although from outside, this V8 has a wonderful growl. Everything is very smooth on the M5 , while on the 996 you can hear and feel every little stone on the road.
    Overall I like the M5 because it has a great build quality, lots of space and by switching off the traction control, you can have almost< have the same fun you have in a Porsche, but the road feeling is named Porsche, it's a more driver car than the M5. Best thing is to have both in garage, the Porsche for fun, and the BMW for everyday use, although nowadays there are better options than the M5


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    Re: 996 vs E39 M5


    Re: 996 vs E39 M5


    Re: 996 vs E39 M5

    J.Seven said:
    Overall I like the M5 because it has a great build quality, lots of space and

    Be sure to try the 2004 Audi S4. It's hard to believe until you actually see it, but the S4 seems to have the finest interior (I rode in a red exterior and cream interior) I've ever seen or felt. Everything from the ergonomics, the gauges, the red lighting, the quality of the switchgear, and the front and rear recaro seats are top notch. The only interior to better it would have to come from a Rolls, Bentley, or Maybach.

    The interior V8 sound is much louder than the M5 and it seems to have the same cabin dimensions but a bigger trunk/boot with a full-size alloy wheel spare and better side-impact safety features.

    Re: 996 vs E39 M5

    Is there anything better than the E39 M5, except the E60 M5 for the price? Name one if you could.

    Re: 996 vs E39 M5

    MAVERICK said:
    ...The interior V8 sound is much louder than the M5 and it seems to have the same cabin dimensions but a bigger trunk/boot with a full-size alloy wheel spare and better side-impact safety features.


    I could imagine that the light interior tricked you on that one.
    I don't think that it is as big as the M5, Bimmers have very prominent center consoles that narrow down interior space at front but the car is still a whole class bigger than the S4 (definately on the outside).

    I do agree on the interior quality - the S4, A6 and A8 are marvellous cars in my eyes in terms of design, build quality and materials.
    How is their image in the US nowadays?

    Re: 996 vs E39 M5

    Ferdie said:
    How is their image in the US nowadays?

    I am the wrong person to answer that question, Ferdie, since I usually pay attention to a brand's reputation rather than its image. Audi's in the U.S. were known for catching on fire (1980's), lifeless steering, and perhaps the best AWD system among cars. Today, the fires have stopped, the steering is still lifeless in the non-S models, the brakes are bad and the AWD may, unless I'm mistaken, still be the best in the business. I driven only three in my lifetime. An old 5000CS Quattro, a 2004 A4 and, a month ago, a Nogaro Blue 2004 S4 with blue/black two tone alcantara seats. For the first time in a car, I was able to detect the S4's presence of speed-sensitive variable assist steering. The way the assist was reduced to increase steering weight when driving at 40+ mph versus crawling around at lower speeds was excellent.The S4 is the only one out of the three to impress me in terms of driving satisfaction. The steering feel, steering lock-to-lock and ratio, buttery-smooth manual gearbox, lovely engine with 7000 rpm redline, brake feel (very firm feel for single-piston sliding calipers and equivalent to feel of stock Brembos on the Evo and G35), alcantara sport seats, gauge clarity, lack of engine plastic covers, and overall perceived quality and construction with the exception of the chassis dynamics due to the inherent nature and weight of AWD were all undoubtedly better than the E39 M5. The only problem was my foot kept slipping off the brake pedal when trying to heel'n'toe. On hindsight, it was due to the very firm brake pedal, the improper, deep accelerator pedal position, and I should have been diving into the corners deeper with more speed (difficult with only a few minutes of seat-time and on a car that doesn't belong to me) so that I could have pressed the brake pedal harder and closed the spatial plane gap more between the brake and accelerator.

    And with its AWD and full-size alloy spare wheel and tire, the S4 is more practical as a year-round driver to me than the E39 M5. It's a shame that Audi will be adopting the ugly Nuvolari nose next year to rival Bangle's Kabuki designs.



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