Chronolyze unleashes the potential of Porsche's Sport Chrono Plus


Porsche's optional "Sport Chrono Package" adds a Sport button to the center console that kicks throttle, suspension and engine behavior up a few notches. It also adds a cool swivel-mounted timer to the center of the dashboard (essentially so your friends and passers-by know you have it) and launch control on PDK-equipped models. The upgraded "Sport Chrono Package Plus" adds a memory function to the system and the ability to display and review some of the lap data on the Porsche PCM (multi-function display).

The on-board PCM analysis only scratches the surface, says the team at Chronolyze. According to their engineers (no relation to Porsche AG), the Chrono Package Plus records vehicle speed, engine speed, transmission gear, steering angle, lateral g-forces, engine temperature, outside temperature, distance traveled, altitude and GPS coordinates (on NAV-equipped vehicles). That's a ton of information that is left sitting completely unused.

Since none of this data is available via the PCM, Chronolyze has developed software that extracts the text files (through Bluetooth or the iPod connection) so they may be further analyzed on a computer. The Chronolyze software organizes the data, calculates a 3D analysis of the laps (so they may be played back in real-time animations), and then graphs it all out for your viewing pleasure. In addition, the software also allows users to share telemetry, give ratings and overlay sessions from multiple files. If you've got a properly equipped Porsche in your driveway, give it a trial run. You can get your free beta account here.

Pretty cool


indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :)