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    Low Frequency Noise and Vibration


    After months of arguing with my Dealer, they replaced the Carden Shaft as recommend by a viewer on This did the trick, so don't let the dealers convince you that the noise is a "driving characteristic" of the Cayenne!! Much better vehicle now.

    Re: Low Frequency Noise and Vibration

    Good for you!
    My problems are now being centered around (not so round) tires. I have 18" Conti's M&S. It would also appear that a lot of people, and I mean A LOT, are having this problem too. Porsche and Continental must be going nuts with this one. My low frequency noise seems to have dissipated on its own for now. I only have 2400 miles on the clock. So from what I've been reading, I guess I can expect it to creep up later on. My build date was 03/03.
    Best of Luck!

    Re: Low Frequency Noise and Vibration

    RDC have you had an alignment done ? if not do it now before the tires go bad on you.

    With your born date they should have asked you in for one.

    Re: Low Frequency Noise and Vibration

    Well, my tires are already bad. The local or regional tire rep was called in on my complaint of excessive vibration & steering shimmy. I'm told that at least two of my tires are "out of round". Which is the first in my many years of driving. Before the service manager called in the tire rep, they said they did an alignment but found the vehicle to be reasonably "close". How, whether that was all four or just the fronts and if they actually know what they are doing, I don't know. I'll have to check on it though.
    The service manager also said the Conti's are out of stock and will take an est. 10 to 14 days to get.
    Thanks for the heads up though!

    Re: Low Frequency Noise and Vibration

    The problem Mick refers to is a camber maladjustment caused, supposedly, by a "settling" of the suspension over the first few hundred miles. If it's not readjusted after 200 miles or so, the front tires will have abnormal wear on the inside tread. It's a known problem and many dealers are replacing front tires for free because of it. Mine were replaced for free at 10k miles. I believe Mick got a free set as well. It is a dealer option though. I don't think Porsche or PCNA is picking up the tab. Your issues actually don't sound like this problem to me. Other than abnormal wear I don't think there are other symptoms.

    Re: Low Frequency Noise and Vibration

    I agree no symptoms Gary but the dealers were supposed to make a point of aligning all 03's. Some are not.

    Re: Low Frequency Noise and Vibration

    I looked at my receipt and no the dealer did not do an alignment. Only checked it and rotated the tires.
    Part of item #3 on my list read: "Please align the vehicle to TSB #4495 specifications."
    Guess that needs another looksee.

    Re: Low Frequency Noise and Vibration

    TSB 4495 is the one about the settling of the suspension. If they checked it and it was within specs, they would have satisfied that bulletin's requirements. I think it's a tire and tire balance issue that you have, IMO.



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