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    Re: I fell in love with a 991 Carrera S Cabriolet (short report)

    Because of this proliferation of 911 variants, there are potential buyers who reject this model.

    Such people would be willing to buy a special and equally fast Boxster/Cayman instead of a Carrera or pay 12C money and get the 960 instead of a Turbo S. To the mind of many the Turbo S is just a blown Carrera 4, very fast and efficient but not special enough for the buyers of exotics.


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    Re: I fell in love with a 991 Carrera S Cabriolet (short report)

    I was not aware that there would be an issue with the strength of the car in reference to the power (ie 991 motor being too much for the car) also wanted to find out since you mentioned Mr. Lieb what actual suspension changes they make the car as they refer to PASM as RASM ...and also if they improve the lockup on the LSD which is not much standard....The issue for me also is the size of the car as I find the Boxster fits me perfectly and the 991 seems just like a pair of pants that is just slightly too big... I mean the changes that I have had to make to the dog bones in the suspensions of my 996 that I also had included different parts control arms as well as dampers..... you can chalk all this up to me being from NY and slightly derangedSmiley

    Re: I fell in love with a 991 Carrera S Cabriolet (short report)


    Not sure what Porsche's plans are for the future of the Boxster but I do not see anything related to professional racing in it. Maybe for the Cayman but even here, not sure how important the Cayman is for Porsche.

    Keep in mind that the rigidity of the Boxster body isn't really made for racing and I'm also not so sure on how much more power the Boxster can "take" in it's current development stage. That said, I just don't see the sense in making a much more powerful Boxster for a very limited number of possible customers. 

    I think that the Boxster's chassis can handle a lot more power than it gets from the 3.4 now. At least it feels like it can and should...

    If there would be a more powerful Cayman or Boxster I would definitely consider it over a 991. The 991 is starting to get too expensive for what it offers. I want one because it's a dream coming true, but if you look at it in a rational way, only the GT3 makes some sense, but no other 911 does. That said... Buying cars in a rational way is extremely boring, so sometimes you just have to switch the rational part of the brain off Smiley

    The Boxster S now, is a great car when driving inspired, but sometimes, when driving a bit more easy it starts to annoy me, because of the lack of power at low revs. I don't want to drive inspired all the time. it's definetely not a daily driver with this engine. At least not for me. Maybe with a PDK it's better, but with a manual it demands to be driven inspired, otherwise it's just another boring car, except for the fun the exhaustnote gives you.

    I actually hate to say that...  I love that car (also because it's actually my first Porsche of course. It has a special place in my heart Smiley)


    I'm just another female petrolhead :)


    Re: I fell in love with a 991 Carrera S Cabriolet (short report)

    ah yes totally after my own heart Smiley  I need more power..actually need more torque.......and this is my addiction so why not...I agree that the GT3 is probably the best and most real car in their line...however I need a cabriolet and I am in need of something that is a little less well behaved but still has an ability to flow down the unless my business partner who I share my craziness with convinces me seriously considering the thing I am going to ask about though is the powerkit as the quality of parts is much better than the stock engine.... you get an aluminum rather than plastic manifold, you get a better oil pan with improved scavenge, you get an extra oil cooler, different heads, different cams., manifolds and also ECU tune....they claim only 25 ps gain but it is how the engine is that makes the difference is very smooth and more fun I found.... it is the engine that should come in the 991 but for cost considerations they can't offer as standard....Smiley

    Re: I fell in love with a 991 Carrera S Cabriolet (short report)

    A turbo Boxster would be a killer then, even a flat 4 ;)



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