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    Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    Do Any one have a Picture for Black leather with yellow stitching and Aluminuim package or carbon package?

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    . . . look here

    . . .you will find it under the program for the 997 TT


    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    here you go

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    Yellow stitching in a 430 on black leather looks good but it doesn't work in a 997 imo. None of the colored stitching looks good in a 997 imo. The black in a Ferrari's interior is darker, the 997's isn't jet black. IMO the standard 997 black interior stitching (which is like a dark grey) looks better.

    plus w/ the deviated stitch in the 997 there always seems to parts that are missed, like the steering wheel in the above. W/ the 430 you just say colored stitch & they do the whole interior, w/ Porsche they, or the customer never seems to get it 100% correct. No offense to whomever's car that is above, doesn't look bad just not what I'd do.

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    i think yellow stitching on this car is way too busy for 997's interior.

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    its a pity that porsche has such a comlicated way to order deviating stitching.....thats why i did not do it.

    nothing looks more stupid than a part with different colour stitching as in the pic of steering wheel above....pity

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    ive always felt the same as stradale...for some reason the ferrari deviated stitching looks great while the porsche stuff looks cheap imo...i wondered if in addition to the darker leather the porsche product is diminutive in contrast

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    Ferrari: anything goes. Outrageous is expected and appreciated by almost everyone. I've never seen a ferrari which I didn't love on first sight. Even the turquoise interiors with bizzare paint-to-sample make me happy when I see them.


    DS invariably makes me wonder, "What's the point?"

    Porsche deviated stitching is like getting a tattoo on your face. It's what everybody sees first and takes a long time for your friends to get used to.

    Just because Porsche offers it as an option doesn't mean it looks good.

    All of this is In-My-Most-Humble-Opinion of course.

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    MMD and I agree on that one. Just because you CAN order lime green, with orange DS for your purple 997 doesn't means it's going to work.


    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    Okay while on a roll then can I ask something? WTF is w/ the phone? I mean seriously why in the world would someone do that to the interior? In 1987 when people walked around with 3 watt cell phone brief cases ("transpostable")that got snapped into the trunk of your car and you needed a big handset,,,,but now? In NY it is illegal to hold a cell phone to your ear while driving which makes total sense. You NEVER see this kind of phone in cars anymore, haven't in years. Might as well put a fax machine/scanner on the passenger seat, hell make it an All-In-one and be done with it...........Plus it's a stick shift car how may hands do you need to operate it? I'm sorry guess I need a nap & maybe I'm just un-aware of it's benefits, why would you do this when it's so easy to use a modern, tiny cell phone that can fit in a pocket? It's got to be a reception issue or something right?

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    STRADALE said:
    Okay while on a roll then can I ask something? WTF is w/ the phone?

    It's like the clumsy Nav software and the lack of an easy mute button on Bose (and lots more details). These are things which they will never fix because it won't directly sell more cars. IOW, I bet you will "never" see a nav system software upgrade.

    Seems to me these details and others were thrown together to make a deadline for the 2005 997 introduction.

    Maybe they think if they do improve them it will be like admitting "Non-Excellence?"

    Re: Black Interior with Yellow Stitching

    Back on STITCHING:

    I think __black__ stitching with black leather would look great (if you can GET black).

    As it stands now they use a silver grey thread which makes it look too "stitchy" IMO.



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