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    A note on Cayenne

    I have been out of Houston for the past 10 days vacationing in California and have not had time to get on my favorite board .

    I have been in south Cal. "La Jolla", "San Diego" and North side "San Francisco", "Menlo Park", and "Atherton" visiting friends and family.

    Nevertheless, the statement above was not the point. My point is that I have never seen this many Cayennes in the streets of South and North California in my life

    My impression is that Porsche is selling most of their Cayennes in California than anywhere else
    I would say, no exageration, one out of 5 SUV is a Cayenne it's unblievable yet nice for Porsche .

    In my entire stay I have been fortunate enough to see only one Trubo in Menlo Park and many C2s in La Jolla but again not as many as the Cayenne though.

    Hope to get back home soon to get on the board and read the fascinating posts

    For now bye from the beautiful land of California

    Re: A note on Cayenne

    Glad you like California! I LOVE IT!!!

    Here in California you will find a lot of high end cars in large quantities. It's rediculous! I have been plenty of other places where seeing a CL55 AMG is very rare. Here in CA you see them everyday. Of course Ferrari's and Lambo's aren't as common, but you'll always find them in B.H. (no, not in the Ferrari dealer on Santa Monica blvd.). The thing you have to understand about Californians, is that most of them, wether they are willing to admit it or not, are very image concious. They have gotta have the must haves, they think beyond their needs, what anyone in the world would love to have. What isnt' necessarily necessary.

    - Enjoy your stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: A note on Cayenne

    *The Ferrari dealership is on Wilshire Blvd.

    Re: A note on Cayenne

    I agree California is a very nice place. Here in the UAE and Dubai the Cayenne is very successful and has become very common on the streets. There is a long waiting list that spreads to over 6 months for both the S and the Turbo. Losts of used X5's are for sales and everyone is switching to the Cayenne. A new customer base that would have never considered a Porsche is now growing.

    Re: A note on Cayenne

    In Bavaria it is snowing right now, I envy you, Ron.
    Have lived in La Jolla for more than 6 weeks many many years ago, a very nice place indeed.

    In Germany I can see more and more Cayenne on the street but not as many as people would expect. Streets are full of Mercedes MLs and BMW X5s but the Cayenne is still rare.
    It is interesting that I saw only Cayenne S on the street, not a single Turbo. Apparently the Turbo sold well in the first months but now it seems that people go mostly for the "S" and especially for the new Cayenne V6.

    I remember when one of my wife's friends told me a few weeks ago that her dream car would be a Mercedes ML (she drives a VW Minivan right now for her two kids). She asked me how much "Diesel" my ML takes on longer trips. I told her that it is no Diesel and that we're talking about a V8 with 347 HP (Germany). She was shocked, she couldn't believe that a SUV can have that much power. I even had to show her my car document to make her believe. Then she started argueing about too much power, too much speed, not safe enough, bad for the environment, bla bla bla. Apparently she thinks I'm a little bit insane since our talk about my family ML55.
    Now I wonder what she's gonna say when she finds out that my next family SUV might have 450 HP.
    I'm looking forward to that discussion...

    Re: A note on Cayenne

    *The Ferrari dealership is on Wilshire Blvd.

    Close enough!

    Re: A note on Cayenne

    Now I wonder what she's gonna say when she finds out that my next family SUV might have 450 HP.


    I suppose she is only mildly agast at the E55. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, I always say.



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