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    Porsche Co-pilot in Leipzig

    Hello everybody, this is my first real post and I would like to introduce myself and ask a question.

    First of all, I'm a Belgian law student (just like Amazon was) and I'm a big car enthusiast. I have been reading your posts for a while and I enjoy your comments.

    The student budget implies no P-car for me, but during the passed exams, I promised myself to go to Leipzig if I passed this year ... and guess what ... I passed

    So I'm going to Leipzig with the girlfriend to enjoy Porsches' 300+ co-pilot program and the factory tour. To sum up the program: it's 1,5 hour factory tour and 3 hot (I hope very hot) laps at their Leipzig test track. We will be staying in The Westin Leipzig (it's seems a nice hotel, and we are just staying there for one night, so we figured that we could very well choose a hotel a bit upmarket hoping for a decent hotel, we had some bad experiences in the past).

    Anyone has any experience with this particular hotel and/or the Porsche co-pilot program? Tips on touristic hotspots on Leipzig are welcome as well!!

    I'm looking forward to read your comments

    Kind regards

    Re: Porsche Co-pilot in Leipzig

    hi there ...
    have been @Leipzig many times attending courses there and i have to say i liked the "Fürstenhof" hotel the most - there u won't be dissapointed!

    unfortunately u won't see the Carrera GT line inside the factory - 's been definitly THE highlight on the guided tour...

    and believe me - u also won't be dissapointed with their driving


    Re: Porsche Co-pilot in Leipzig

    First of all, thank you for the response! I'm very glad to hear that their driving is good

    Another question: we are coming from Aachen, going via Köln - Hessen - Erfurt, arrive in Leipzig. We hope to pass Aachen at around 6 o'clock, considering it's a saturday, but during the holidays, should we expect lots of traffic?

    Second question: I have driven in Germany before, and I think I'm familiar with the German speed limit system: if you pass an Anfarht (an Autobahn entrance) and there is no sign indicating a speed limit, there is no speed limit, is this true? This is what I was told by a German acquaintance. Before this, I only went above 130 km/h if there was the white sign with thin black lines. Which one is correct?

    Third question: are there many stretches of road on this route where there is no speed limit?

    Re: Porsche Co-pilot in Leipzig

    depends - but we always ride up to Leipsch from the munich region so i can't tell u how things are from the Köln region...

    well - to say it - we always floor it to the ground where there's no sign of 130/100/worse - seriously u can easily floor it where there's no sign telling u to drive 130 or whatever and to answer ur last question - yep - there're quite some good spots where to speed, u'll pass the A71 (Erfurt), and down the A71 (to Schweinfurt) u can - depending on ur ride - easily go 300+++


    another good way is probably the easiest one - comming out of Leipzig city heading to the Porsche plant u may also reach 300 on the 3-lane autobahn there with kina low traffic.....

    have fun but ride SAFE !!!

    Re: Porsche Co-pilot in Leipzig

    Porsche_lover said:
    The student budget implies no P-car for me, .....

    I'm looking forward to read your comments

    Kind regards

    Welcome aboard.

    You need to move to the U.S.. There are so many ways of creating financing and leasing that it doesn't matter if you're a student or a homeless person you can still buy any car you want.

    You may have to file bankruptcy after a while but you drive whatever car you want .

    Re: Porsche Co-pilot in Leipzig

    Hello! I just wanted to give you guys an update of how things went.

    It was superb!

    The weather: hot and sunny, no rain!

    The route: good, there were a few contrafiles (or how do you call it?) where they were working on the road. Not a problem, certainly because in Germany they work on the roads, that doesn't happen in Belgium. It took us 6 hours and 22 minutes (stops included) to get there (688 km) and just 6 hours to get back.

    The hotel: when we arrived they apologized for giving away our room and asked us if it was ok to give us a suite instead (for the price of a normal room).. We didn't want to be difficult and we took the suite It was huge!! The hotel staff was very kind and everything was very clean

    The city of Leipzig: we followed a scenic tour trough the city and it was worthwile, nice city, nice people. We visited some nice churches and some other things. I would'nt go on a weekend to Leipzig if it was only for the city tough...

    The Porsche Leipzig experience: fantastic!! Very nice people. We visited the factory on sunday, so no production. Interesting to see, unfortunately the bodies come in - painted and with the seats mounted - from Bratislava. So the things that happen in Leipzig are rather limited: drivetrain, suspension, airbags, GPS etc, software, ... The best part of course was the ride in a 911. I have been lucky enough to drive a 911 2 times myself, and I've taken the passenger seat a few times before, but this was a completely other league: the driver pushed the car hard (airco turned of for more power) and the back stepped out constantely (altough it was a 4S). It was nice to see the smoke coming out of the rear tires whilst looking in the mirror 3 laps are over in the blink of an eye, but is was worth it. Would I recommend it? Certainly, even if you drive a 911 yourself: after you have seen what your car can do (for those that don't track it) you will be ignited and probably want to enroll yourself in the Porsche driving school.

    Now it's back 2 work for me...



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