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    Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    I know -- wrong forum.... but as a 997 owner I wanted to get the opinion of other 997 drivers.

    So here it is... Looking to get a new truck for the winter-- yes cab season is coming to an end here in the northeast Just saw the new Range Rover Sport SuperCharged which will net out at about $70-75K with options. 390HP & 400+ torgue -- jeez, more than my 997S.

    So the question is (since this is just way cheaper than the turbo pepper) would you guys choose this over a Cayenne S? Or for that matter, what other options or what do you all drive when you put your baby into hibernation for the winter?

    I'm a little concerned in the snob factor too in having two P cars (as I do see a bunch of my clients).... and I know it shouldn't play much of a factor and a Rover isnt exactly Low Key either.

    Also, I will be upgrading my 997S cab for a TT cab as soon as they are available so I dont want to go into a depression for those winter months!!!! Need something thats a little fun!!!!

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    A Cayenne or an X-5 are the only ways to have any kind of driving experience in an SUV. All other SUV's are numb boats, including the Range Rover Sport. I have not driven one but I read a report from another Cayenne owner who was quite certain the Cayenne had absolutely nothing to worry about (if you like spirited driving). All full size SUV's are very heavy and also ponderous because of that weight but Porsche and BMW have really made an effort to make the Cayenne and X-5 the sportscars of SUV's. Of course, they're not sportscars, but they are as close as you'll get in an SUV. Apparently the Range Rover Sport is not close at all, but that's not surprising really.

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    imho the RR sport is overrated.

    if you really want a RR, get the fullsize with the sport engine. the sport is built on the smaller chassis and quite frankly is mediocre by RR standards.

    at that price point, X5 4.8iS and cayenne turbo walk all over it.

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    I currently own an 05 TechArt Pepper Turbo, an 03 X5 4.4i and have a C4s cab on order. I am selling the X5 4.4 shortly as the new shape will be released within a year and I don't want to deal with the sudden impact on price.

    If you can afford a CT, I would highly recommend one. Everything from the handling, to power to the looks are imo beautiful and more than complement the P Line of cars given the fact that it's a 2 tonne monster.

    To be honest, I am not really a fan of the looks of the Cayenne S.For me it doesn't look aggressive enough and can even look a tad ugly if the exterior options aren't configured correctly.Still, having driven the S extensively, I can vouch that it still has that 'sports car feeling and handling.'

    Whilst the RR Sport is indeed quite nice to look at (especially in black or titanium) I don't know why, but I would still hesistate to drop that $75k on a NEW Ford Engineered 'sports' vehicle.

    As for being seen as a snob - really, who cares!?

    How about you look at a CTT in the 2nd hand market if a new one is a little above your budget? You should be able to pick up something decent with a little searching - but just make sure you don't get a First Generation model as they were apparently riddled with gremlins!

    Quick word of warning: if you get a chance to put your foot down on the CT accelerator - prepare to fall in love

    Good luck

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    Which one are you talking about? I'm assuming you are talking about the Range Rover Sport - which is really an LR3 in Range Rover clothing......The Range Rover Supercharged is a different story (the one that comes with the Brembos, 20" wheels)....that one costs much more than 75K (the base Range Rover starts around that price) and is actually a true Range Rover. The orange one you see in the commercials isn't really as good as it gets for that line. The Range Rover Supercharged is comparable to the Cayenne Turbo, but I would take a Cayenne Turbo over it. I would take the Range Rover over a BMW X5 however. Depends on what you are more interested in - performance or luxury....the choices for each are obvious...

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    i've got quite a few SUV's and i have to say the Cayenne Turbo = the best of the lot, if you can afford it don't waste your time looking at anything else!

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    I knew the Ford smack would come out. I have an LR3 and its great for what an SUV should be, able to tow and actually go off roading. The X5 and Pepper, I would think twice about off roading. But if you never go off roading, and I suspect the typical X5 and Pepper owners never will, then I would go with the Cayenne hands down over the Range Rover Sport.

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    What's up man ?!? Long time.

    That's a tough one. In the winter months when the roads are not 997 do-able I have an ML320 & a Dodge Durango Limited Hemi to get around.

    If I was to choose between the RR SS and the CTT I might go with the RR. It wouldn't even be close if we were talking the regular RR. It's such a pig and drives like a water bed down the road. But the SS is something else. I've seen a few around my area and it is one sharp vehicle. Even loved the one I saw in white. Sick ! If you get the CTT now your truck will look outdated when the new CTT is out shortly. On the other hand the RR SS will look new for years. RR keeps designs around for a long time. Little changes here and there but not much. I love the CTT but it's overpriced imo. And there's so many on the road.

    Ooops ! just realized I mis-read your question. It's not the RR SS vs CTT. It's vs Cayenne S. Definately. RR SS over the Cayenne S. When is the updated Cayenne coming out ?? That might make a big difference.

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    I have ML500, CT and 997S. I can say porsche is porsche.
    If you want to speed up, only porsche!

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    Texas911 said:
    The X5 and Pepper, I would think twice about off roading. But if you never go off roading, and I suspect the typical X5 and Pepper owners never will, then I would go with the Cayenne hands down over the Range Rover Sport.

    Personally, I always think twice about serious off-roading in ANY vehicle in this price range. I hope GM Austin will reply with some of his off-roading pics, since, during my own off-roading experiences with the Cayenne (not my own), all of us were having way too much fun to take pics. The Cayenne is far more capable off-road with the right tires than 99% of its owners will ever find out and, if you are really serious about it, the off-road package is unbelievably competent. So everything's relative to the buyer. If you want the best compromize between a 997, a luxo sedan, and a tricked-out CJ5, the CTT is hard to beat.

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    sigs said:
    [I hope GM Austin will reply with some of his off-roading pics, since, during my own off-roading experiences with the Cayenne (not my own), all of us were having way too much fun to take pics.

    Sure! I never get tired of showing off my Cayenne photos! You can see more in my Rennteam gallery (LINK)

    All of my off-roading has been on Continental M&S Tires that are also rated for 150 mph. I find this tire to be a great compromise and I would much rather have this tire than the Scorpion AT that is limited to 118 mph. In actual use I rarely found that I needed the extra bite the AT would give me. The Cayenne's biggest asset off-road is the huge ground clearance the air suspension can give you. I could clear things that a Toyota FourRunner hung up on. The optional locking rear and disengageable sway bars would be nice but after the severity of trails I have found the standard Cayenne (w/air) capable of, I doubt any owners would ever make full use of it. I have not found any other Cayenne owners making much use of the standard Cayenne off-road ability.

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    Hey Stradale,

    Being newly single in NY and the summer with a spanking new 997S cab -- question would be what would I be doing online???

    I've been oiut in the hamptons this week and must have seen 20+ RRS and had to take a ride to the dealer. He has a SS in black about to be delivered and @ 71K I just cant figure out why this vehicle is so cheap (relatively speaking). I cant see spending another 30K+ on a CTT think that money would be better spent in a TTS cab.

    For those saying its based on a LR3 body... So???? I think the LR3 handles better in bad conditions (and off road) then the RR.

    All that being said... I think you guys convinced me not to go with the CS (although most on this forum say the CTT -- this is a pepper forum... right ). but now another twist..... Do I wait another year for the ML65. Here comes the traitor bashes.... but I do have a V8 Touareg that i could use through this winter.

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    ML yuck.

    Whatever floats your boat though - I used to have a Range Rover, and I can't really complain about it, I always thought it was the perfect quintessential New York vehicle....can do any weather, looks great, turns heads, luxurious over Manhattan potholes and of course is a status symbol.

    I'll be in East Hampton the weekend of the 17th after I find someone to take out there from fashion week! How has it been so far?

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    i know... not a fan of MB's either, but can you argue with these figures????

    Type: V8
    Displacement cu in (cc): 383 (6208)
    Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 503(375) / 6800
    Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 465(630) / 5200
    Redline at RPM: 7200
    Brakes & Tires
    Brakes F/R: ABS, vented disc/vented disc
    Tires F-R: 295/45 R19, option: 295/40 R20
    Driveline: All Wheel Drive
    Exterior Dimensions & Weight
    Length × Width × Height in: n.a.
    Weight lb (kg): n.a.
    Acceleration 0-62 mph s: < 5.0
    Top Speed mph (km/h): 155 (250) (electronically limited)

    As to EH... its been great. Perfect weather. Dont know if i'd bring a woman with me though -- why tie yourself down to just one for the week Should be a lot calmer out there after Labor Day... it's a little packed right now. But if your fashion week trophey only wants to go with a friend ... you know where to me

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    ...short answer...CayS of course...

    ...forget comparing RR Sport with's a completely different performance level/league...

    ...some of you mentioned a stronger Rover unit RR Sport Supercharged (RRSuper) and attempted to compare it with CayTT... ... seems like "Supercharged" in a RR name confused you...

    ...some cold facts for you...

    RRSuper is ACTUALLY slower, than BOTH CayTT and CayS!!! It is slower, than CayS, eventhough having more HP "on paper"...There could be ANY OTHER criteria for your selection of RRSuper, but performance IS NOT ONE OF THEM...and for these all other functionality criterias a cheaper regular lux RR V8 may be a smarter choice...

    ...seems like some of you fall for FORD SALE/MARKETING propaganda expressed in a car NAME, but NOT expressed in a REAL performance figures... are performance reference figures for your selection...RRSportSupercharged (RRSuper):

    Technical data V8-Kompressor, in front lengthwise built * capacity 4197 cm3 * achievement 291 KW (396 HP) with 5750/min * torque 560 Nm with 3500/min * permanent all-wheel drive * six-course mechanism * independent suspension with pneumatic cushioning * trunk 535/2122 litre * tank of 105 litres * L/B/H 4972/1956/1902 mm * tire 255/50 R 20 * unloaded weight 2632 kg * point 210 km/h (abgeregelt) * 0-100 km into 7,5 s * consumption 16.0 l/100 km * price 99,900 euro

    ...more at:

    RRSuper statistics

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    A few months ago, I debated waiting for the RRS SC to come out before deciding. When I saw the performance #s, I decided to go with the CTT. I thought the CS was a touch too slow for a car I'd be using as a daily driver.

    Well, I've since found that I rarely run the CTT fast anyway. I drove the RRS SC last week and actually liked it alot. Yes, it was slower and didn't handle quite as well. It also seems small inside. I do love the look, though. I've seen a few around already, and they seem to be running off the lot fairly quickly, especially compared to the LR3s. I don't know if I would have bought one, but I definitely would have considered it, given the price differential.

    Re: Range Rover Sport vs. Pepper

    ml500 or Cayenne S, screw RR Sport, it looks kinda cute but its super slow, slower than a Cayenne S



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