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    Re: Z06 - AMS test !

    ok.....first, you didn't have to post the whole article here, a simple link would've done fine

    Second, i think its hilarious (ie: slightly pathetic) that you joined just to post this.

    third, where do you get your vette 36 porsche 0 #

    fourth, lets take a look @ Porsche's racing history:
    -Major Victories & Championships-
    Makes and Team World Championship 14
    Long Distance World Championship 8
    IMSA Supercar-Series 3
    German Racing Championship 6
    European Hill Climbing Championship 20
    Formula 1 Driver-World Championship (McLaren with the engine designed and built by Porsche for TAG) 3
    Formula 1 victories (McLaren with the engine designed and built by Porsche for TAG) 25
    Formula 1 victories (together with the victory in Rouen in 1962) 26
    Daytona (24 Hour Race) 20
    IMSA Supercar-Race (USA) 15
    Le Mans (24 Hour Race) 16
    Sebring (12 Hour Race) 17
    Targa Florio 11
    Rallye Monte Carlo 4
    Paris-Dakar Rallye 2

    Porsche Major Victories & Championships

    fifth: That lovely article of yours talks a lot about he past, so I'll touch on it to. So the 'vette's were beating the 944 in SCCA races in '85. What was Porsche doing??? Oh yes, thats right, they were winning the 24 hours of Le Mans with their 962

    Pick a year & see Porsche's racing history

    "The 962 has been notching up successes in the USA since 1984 and now also rolls to the start in Europe and in the World Endurance Championship with the works team. Dubbed 962 C, the sportscar is equipped with a low consumption 2.65-litre engine featuring two turbo-chargers and delivering around 620 hp. It immediately proves to be quick. On 14 April Jacky Ickx and Jochen Mass win the 1000 kilometre race in Mugello with the 002 chassis: first world championship event, first victory. After four further successes from ten world championship rounds the factory claims the newly-formed World Endurance Team Championship. Hans-Joachim Stuck and Derek Bell join the winners' list of the World Endurance Drivers' Championship, whilst Jacky Ickx and Jochen Mass take the vice-championship. At the world championship round in Brands Hatch Porsche puts its new Porsche twin-clutch transmission, which enables gear shifting without losing drive, through an initial test at racing speed. Fifth place is an encouraging outcome.

    The Le Mans 24 Hour race ends with a Joest 956 with chassis number 117 taking a sensational win - it is the same Porsche that proved unbeatable here in 1984. Louis Krages ("John Winter"), Klaus Ludwig and Paolo Barilla win in the perfectly prepared Porsche, which not only stuns the opponents with a new special underbody but also with its low fuel consumption. After 24 hours the 956 rolls into the pits with 140 litres still stowed at its disposal! With this tenth win of a Porsche sportscar, two records are set: Never before has the same car won twice. At the same time Porsche ousts Ferrari, who have held record to now, from the top of the winners' list.

    The 956 run by the British GTI Engineering team features a Honeycomb aluminium chassis. With this construction Richard Lloyd, Jonathan Palmer and James Weaver manage second place. Third goes to the works 962 C manned by Derek Bell and Hans-Joachim Stuck after the engine electronics had to be readjusted on Sunday.

    Jacky Ickx, the six-time Le Mans winner (four victories with Porsche) bids farewell to the marathon classic with tenth place in a works 962 C. Eight Porsches finish in the top ten.

    Porsche US sports boss Al Holbert carries off the IMSA GTP Drivers' Championship in a 962, with the manufacturers' title going to Porsche. In Japan as well the ground-effect sportscar drives to victory: Kunimitsu Takahashi wins the sportscar championship, and Porsche claims the crown as champion of manufacturers.

    Jochen Mass brings home a hattrick in Germany, where he wins the International Deutsche Rennsportmeisterschaft (Intl German Racing Championship) as the third 956 pilot after Stefan Bellof and Bob Wollek. Through this and other successes in a Joest Porsche, the 39-year-old earns himself the Porsche Cup as the most successful private driver of the year.

    Alain Prost becomes Formula 1 world champion with the McLaren-TAG-Porsche. His team wins the constructors' world championship for the second consecutive time. Prost's end of season balance: 16 starts, 13 finishes, points from every race, six victories (one of which is lost due to an underweight vehicle). Porsche optimised the TAG-Porsche V6 over the winter: KKK delivered new turbo-chargers to optimise exhaust gas flow (from Le Castellet). The Bosch Motronic contributes to an excellent throttle response, very good driveability and power with low fuel consumption. For the first time pilots can adjust the boost pressure themselves from the cockpit. 3.3 bars are used during racing, with power at around 800 hp. In qualifying the boost pressure can be increased to 3.8 bars. Unlike other teams McLaren is able to precisely calculate the fuel consumption and therefore needs no safety tank. Porsche and McLaren do without special qualifying engines. In 1985, the TAG-Porsche V6 is the best combination of sheer power, reliability and fuel economy."

    Lets go back even further..
    Porsche 356 Light Metal Coupe, on its very first outing, at he Le Mans 24hour race, drove to a class vivictory @ an verage speed of 140km/h. and this was its very first outing!
    Porsche Racing Cars

    What was the corvette doing in 1951?
    Oh i know, it was JUST starting to be designed
    "General Motors' chief stylist Harley Earl takes a Le Sabre to the Watkins Glen sports car race. Earl is impressed with the Jaguars, Ferraris, and Alfas, and decides to begin designing a new American sports car."

    Corvette Timeline

    so if you'd like to compare racing history or pedigree, thats like bringing a knife to a gun fight (or a Vette to a Porsche race in this case)

    Corvette Racing History

    Re: Z06 - AMS test !

    cypher745 said:
    I love it when "car" people talk about how American cars have no handeling... No dynamic... Leaf springs... The Z06 is the 1st corvette to have any kind of a chance against any Porsche...

    Not quite right.

    Corvette 36 Porsche 0

    End of excerpt

    You must be really proud of yourself.

    Re: Z06 - AMS test !

    Crash said:
    cypher745 said:
    I love it when "car" people talk about how American cars have no handeling... No dynamic... Leaf springs... The Z06 is the 1st corvette to have any kind of a chance against any Porsche...

    Not quite right.

    Corvette 36 Porsche 0

    The Crucible of Showroom Stock Racing 9

    You must be really proud of yourself.

    why oh why did you quote that whole thing!?!?



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