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    Hollow spoke rims

    I have just been told by my dealer that both of the rear wheel rims on my car are bent. I have two sets of wheels. a few months ago I was told that one of two rims on the other set are bent (at the time I was assured that these two rims were ok).

    All rims still look absolutely perfect with not a mark on them. The car has never been run at anything other than the factory recommended pressure.

    Seems that there might be an issue with the rear hollow spoke wheel rim on the Turbo. Could this be why there is no hollow spoked wheel rim for the GT2???


    Re: Hollow spoke rims

    Ouch! Sorry to hear about it. I'd ask more details about
    how they're bent. If it's the wide cylinder out-of-round,
    then the hollow spokes are irrelevant, and it's either
    impact damage, or maybe they came that way (unless
    there are symptoms of bent wheels that have just showed
    If the spokes themselves are bent, I'd be very surprised,
    but I suppose it could happen. It'd take impact to bend those
    too, I'd expect, and it would also bend the cylinder too
    because I don't imagine Porsche would be inconsistent in the
    amount of safety margin they built into different parts of
    the same wheel.
    The fact that there are no hollow-spoke wheels for the
    GT2 is definitely interesting...
    Do let us know if there is any lateral movement of the
    inner edge of the wheels as they are rotated. This is what
    would show spoke involvement. Actually, you could check
    if there is any lateral movement by observing the outer
    edge of the rim too.
    Joe Weinstein

    Re: Hollow spoke rims

    Did you forget where you drove, my friend?
    I had steel rims bended over there, even two broken(!) alloy rims (a crack appeared).
    Same happened to a lot of guys working there.

    Re: Hollow spoke rims

    I actually don't think my trip to Istanbul had anything to do with it. I think that the real hard hits come from highspeed highway driving. Sometimes there are yumps that aren't noticable at low speed but can bottom out the car at high speeds.

    I think it is interesting that I have three bad ones. I only took two to Istanbul.

    I'm also wondering how many other wheels have been bent. Mine were discovered because the dealer was looking so carefully to discover the cause of the noises and vibrations. Wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people are running on bent rims without realising it.

    Only rear rims, not fronts.

    I frankly do not think that rims on a car should bend through normal usage. In my opinion, this is a warranty item.


    Re: Hollow spoke rims

    Hi Joe,

    As soon as I'm back in Belgium I intend to explore exactly how the wheels are bent. One of the questions I have is can I expect new wheels to become bent in the same way?

    I think that there could be more to the hollow spoke issue than just whether the spokes themselves are bent. I believe that the way the spokes attach to the outer rim could be a little different too. Yes, why no hollow spoked rims on the GT2? Obviously if the hollow spokes are a factor then the east solution is to use monblock rims on the back.

    I may start suggesting that people start checking their rims on the various forums. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not alone, that it is just that I'm the first to be aware of this.

    I really have done nothing to cause this. The rims look absolutely perfect. Remember the problems that Volvo had? But in my case, the wheels have always been operated at 3.0 bar. I've never lowered the pressures to increase traction.

    Interesting situation.

    Yesterday I sent the manager of my Porsche dealership an email asking if he had any suggestions on which model Ferrari I should buy. I hope he appreciated my little joke.




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