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    Re: Is the 911 Losing Ground?

    It doesn't matter if Nissan's times are right or wrong. What it shows is that some execs at Porsche do have the car's performance image in the back of their heads.

    If they really didn't care as many people on this thread claim, then Chevy could claim that the Cobalt SS could do the ring in X:XX.XX which is X seconds faster than the 911 GT2 and Porsche wouldn't respond.

    The message of this is that "Porsche" does care where they stand in the grand scheme of things, whether you guys want to acknolwedge that or not.

    And as far as your assumptions about just anyone at Porsche taking those cars out.

    #1) Who would have the authority to take a GT2 to the ring?

    #2) Who would have the authority to purchase a GT-R to test it against the GT2 and Turbo?

    #3) Who would allow press releases of this information to the public?

    I'm not sure what company you guys work for but I hope that I don't have stock in it. If you believe just anyone at any company can just spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to prove a "back yard" experiment without approval of SEVERAL execs in upper management is crazy!

    Porsche... whoever that is wanted this done because they are worried about their overall performance image.

    Re: Is the 911 Losing Ground?

    Nissan has made it public that the GTR is aimed at the 911 turbo.

    Porsche is here to set the record straight and doing all the would be GTR buyer a favour. I also think that Nissan should be taught a lesson.

    Re: Is the 911 Losing Ground?

    How scientific, how deductive, how lock-tight ... You must be right!.... Reminds me of a scene from my favorite movie.....

    Bedevere: Quiet, quiet, quiet, QUIET There are ways of *telling* whether she is a witch!

    Villagers: Are there? What? Tell us, then! Tell us!

    B: Tell me. What do you do with witches?

    V: BUUUURN!!!!! BUUUUUURRRRNN!!!!! You BURN them!!!! BURN!!

    B: And what do you burn apart from witches?

    Villager: More Witches!

    Other Villager: Wood.

    B: So. Why do witches burn?

    (long silence)
    (shuffling of feet by the villagers)

    Villager: (tentatively) Because they're made of.....wood?

    B: Goooood!

    Other Villagers: oh yeah... oh....

    B: So. How do we tell whether she is made of wood?

    One Villager: Build a bridge out of 'er!

    B: Aah. But can you not also make bridges out of stone?

    Villagers: oh yeah. oh. umm...

    B: Does wood sink in water?

    One Villager: No! No, no, it floats!

    Other Villager: Throw her into the pond!

    Villagers: yaaaaaa!

    (when order is restored)

    B: What also floats in water?

    Villager: Bread!

    Another Villager: Apples!

    Another Villager: Uh...very small rocks!

    Another Villager: Cider!

    Another Villager: Uh...great gravy!

    Another Villager: Cherries!

    Another Villager: Mud!

    Another Villager: Churches! Churches!

    Another Villager: Lead! Lead!

    King Arthur: A Duck!

    Villagers: (in amazement) ooooooh!

    B: exACTly!

    B: (to a villager) So, *logically*...

    Villager: (very slowly, with pauses between each word)
    If...she...weighs the same as a duck......she's made of wood.

    B: and therefore...


    Villager: A Witch!

    All Villagers: A WITCH!

    (they do consequently weigh her across from a duck on Bedevere's largest scale, and she does indeed weigh the same as the duck.)

    Re: Is the 911 Losing Ground?

    I love that scene !!!

    Let's weigh Nastinupe1 and see if he weighs the same as wood...


    Re: Is the 911 Losing Ground?

    Nastinupe1 said:
    I'm sorry to bring this thread up from the dead, but PORSCHE is now whining about the GT-R's lap time being innaccurate and went as far as to have their own tests with the GT2, Turbo, and GT-R.

    Now if Porsche REALLY wasn't concerned with "losing groud", then why go through all this trouble?

    I've already written it on the other thread today, but car companies, like manufacturers of other products, routinely borrow, buy or steal their competitors' goods in order to benchmark them against their own. Nothing new or extraordinary about that.
    In view of the claims made by Nissan, you can be sure that every manufacturer of performance cars will be putting the GTR through its paces, if they have not already done so.

    Nastinupe1 said:
    To me, it shows that Porsche knows deep down inside that they have been lazy and need to raise the bar and improve their products. If they are worried about a car that Nissan makes, then maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board and improve their 911.

    And like I said before, notice how the article only talks about the 911 Turbo and GT2. The 911, 911S and 911 4 and 4S aren't even mentioned. Why even make the "regular" 911's? Why not make the Turbo the low end 911 and just offer AWD and RWD versions?

    Due to the shenanigans on Wall Street and in Washington, Porsche's stock price is very low at the moment, along with most other companies around the world. If you feel that your strategy is the way to go, then this would be a good time to buy up the outfit so Porsche can benefit from your wisdom.

    Please warn me if you do, so I can offload my modest investment in the company. It would have to be at a loss at present, but I would like to save whatever I could.

    Do I care?

    Not at all.

    Re: Do I care?

    I've been to a Roush facility, working for Ford, that was in the process of disassembling and dissecting myriads of european and asian makes and models...

    They're looking for ideas, processes, materials, basically just staying educated on what "the other guys" are doing. EVERYBODY does it, everybody borrows and steals from everybody else, and why wouldn't they??

    It's a non-event.

    Re: Do I care?

    Yea you're right. Whining in public is a non-event.

    The GT-R isn't even aimed at Porsche's market. Why would Porsche even care what the GT-R is doing?

    We are all Porsche owners and we know damn well that if we were about to purchase a $150,000 Turbo with all the fixins, we probably aren't even considering a GT-R. In fact, if one of us were to purchase a GT-R, it would be parked next to the Turbo and Classic 911 that's already in our garage.

    So again I ask you, why would Porsche even care to whine?

    Re: Do I care?

    Nastinupe1 said:
    Yea you're right. Whining in a press release is a non-event.

    Press release? I think you are confused. There is no "press release", just a words from a Porsche employee when pressed by someone from the press. There is no whinning in a press release.

    Re: Do I care?

    Speaking of whining.....

    Re: Do I care?

    cheese anyone?



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