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    I hope all you Brits survived the bombing in London.

    Re: Insanity

    You British are tough and smart -- you'll handle this adversity like you have every other. It's called "Great" Britain for a reason. We couldn't have better allies. We're with you now and always.

    Re: Insanity

    Yes. Sorry to hear about the attack. Hope everything is okay with everyone.

    Re: Insanity

    I don't think the worst made it to TV, but I'd guess that the number of fatalities were reduced from what they could have been by an excellent and well planned and co-ordinated response from our emergency services. Hats off to them.

    My other half was on a course in London yesterday. (Typical! We live 200 miles away). I think the mood was pretty sombre up there. Fortunately she wasn't directly caught up in the incidents, but had to walk for hours through streets heaving with armed police to get the train home.

    It was going to happen sometime. Can't stop 'em all. Can't let it get you down. I think people will try to make it 'business as usual' today.

    Re: Insanity

    Ya on the news they had clips of the streets of London which were shut down. Very odd to see no cars or people moving through them.

    Re: Insanity

    Thanks for the concern. We live about 5 miles or so away so no personal impact but of course the events dominated everyone's minds. Interestingly enough, the officials urged folks to stay out of central London, and the first thing that happened was that the M4 filled up, with loads of cars headed into central London.

    My respect for the authorities who handled the chaos.

    Re: Insanity

    Wiesel said:
    You British are tough and smart -- you'll handle this adversity like you have every other. It's called "Great" Britain for a reason. We couldn't have better allies. We're with you now and always.

    Much appreciate your comments. It is when the chips are down, like they were for us last Thursday, that we appreciate having good friends around. We went to bed on Wednesday night euphoric about winning the rights to the 2012 Olympics only to wake up on Thursday to hear about the devestation in London. Nil desparandum carborundum bastardit as we marine engineers say.

    Re: Insanity

    Thanks for ur concerns.... I was trying to board the tube (Waterloo) at about 9.20am but could not get on as they started to close the tube stations around that time. I then decided to drive to work and then about 9.45ish got call from my girlfriend that a bus bomb had gone off outside her work in Tavistock place in R. Square....
    It then became very obvious that it was not a "power surge" problem......I was listening to Radio5 Live at the tiem to get as much info as possible but there was no reports of that bus bomb till about 10.30am....
    Such a sad day and i really we catch those b**tards that did these evil crimes....

    Re: Insanity

    Thanks for the thoughts. Although I am from the North of England I was in London Monday and Tuesday, on the tube a lot.
    Hits home hard.

    DC, I think it's 'Non lessi illigitimii te carborundum'.
    As we used to say at school.

    Re: Insanity

    boothy said:
    DC, I think it's 'Non lessi illigitimii te carborundum'.
    As we used to say at school.

    I knew I shouldn't have chosen marine engineering and even worse, ship repair for my chosen career!



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