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    2009 997 TT A/C Issues

    Just took delivery of my new 2009 997 TT,  Absolutely love the car.  This is my third Porsche and still convinced about the car.

    However, as opposed to my '06 S Cab and my '04 911, the A/C leaves a bit to be desired for the following reason. In Auto mode, I frequently get fogging on the outside of my windshield.  If I switch to manual mode with the dash vents only, the temp on the center vents is much warmer than on the side vents and the car is not as confortable inside.  I am running the A/C on 63 F (17.5 C) just to keep comfortable and find my self switching back and forth between manual and Auto as the window fogs up.  This happens mainly in the mornings and evenings and more so in city driving .  My other two Porsches did similar fogging up of the windshield but I ran them on manual mode with the same  temp blowing from the vents on manual as on Auto so a comfortable cabin!

    I spoke with service at the dealer who agreed with me that it was odd, and replaced the motor on the fan air direction thing in the dash with no change.  They then told me that Porsche in Germany said this was the normal fuction for the '09 "updated " A/C system and made an appt for me to meet with the USA Porsche rep.

    Anyone else with a similar observation/ complaint or am I wrong.  I live in sunny south FL where A/C is a year round thing minus 5 days of winter! 

    Re: 2009 997 TT A/C Issues

    I think you're running it WAY too cold.  I leave mine at 68ºF all the time and never have a fogging issue.  As soon as I saw your complaint I automatically guessed that you were in Florida,--or someplace really humid.  I think that's more the issue.  Keep after the dealership to solve this.  It shouldn't be happening.


    997S Hard-top Cabrio 6-spd 3AS 'Turquoise' Natural Brown, PCCB

    Re: 2009 997 TT A/C Issues

    OK Dan, I'll try 68 or so. But the  main reason that I was running so cold is that when I raised the temp to 68 or 69 and then ran the AC on center vents (not Auto), fairly warm uncomfortable air blows out the center vents if it is not too hot outside (meaning 76-78 degrees)  i.e, Florida winter temps.  But I'll try 68 on auto and see what happens.  I never had these kinds of troubles with my 04 or 06 911s!!  I am still on with the dealer waiting for the USA Porsche rep to contact and meet with me.  I used to live out in LA , much nicer temps but couldn't stand the smog and the traffic., although S. FL traffic has become just as bad and then of course we have hurricanes and humidity.  Of course these are much more predictable than earthquakes! 

    Anyone else out there with same problems! 

    Re: 2009 997 TT A/C Issues

    I live in Clearwater Florida (Tampa Bay) and have a similar fogging issue. Just figured it was the high humidy.


    993C2 & 997TT

    Re: 2009 997 TT A/C Issues

    Hey Mike, see the thing is that I have always had the fogging issues with all my prior 911s but if I put the AC on manual blowing out the dash vents, the temp from the vents would be just as cold as on the Auto setting, but not on this 09 997 TT.  The air is warmish and certainly doesn't maintain a comfortable temp!! I am still awaiting info from the USA Porsche rep.  What I would love to do is see if something can be programmed into the Auto AC mode so that the air doesn't blow out of the top vents onto the windshield..., thus problem solved.

    By the way, We also have a basic Nissan Minivan and an 07 Benz E550 and neither have any kind of these issues.  I am fairly disappointed in Porsche new "fancy AC system on these 09's!! 



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