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    Aftermarket NAV Installation

    Does anyone have an aftermarket NAV/GPS installation in their Boxster that they are proud of? Professional looking, concealed wiring, fixed or flexible mount, etc? Looking for best, creative ideas of adding this feature in a way that it does not scream "hack job".

    If so, could you post some photos, please?

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: Aftermarket NAV Installation

    would this be for a 986 or 987? (Just thinking of the fixed type)

    Re: Aftermarket NAV Installation

    If its for a 987, I am hearing you will be able to install the retrofit the new 997.2's nav system into the 987. Might also want to check with Crutchfield. They have alpine and panasonic units that will fit in a Boxster.

    Re: Aftermarket NAV Installation

    997.2 retrofit sounds nice. I'd be interested if anyone has gathered any numbers on getting one installed. If I had to guess, then I'd anticipate it being just enough so that the retrofit or trade-in-for-new question gets thrown about.

    The 987 already is right in so many ways (performance, looks, fuel efficiency...), that the only glaringly outdated parts are the convenience-related functions of touchscreen navigation and iPod connectivity.

    Re: Aftermarket NAV Installation

    Prohibitively expensive to install retrofit an OEM nav unit.

    5k for the unit itself, another grand for the wiring and labour at least.

    Re: Aftermarket NAV Installation

    the nav is $4k At suncoast and $1k to install. in Canada they charge you almost $5k when you tick the box on ordering, so uo here it is indifferent.

    Re: Aftermarket NAV Installation

    The new nav units can come supplied with or without the navigation module and 6 CD changer function built in. Not sure how much of the new units capability is hardware versus a case of enabling the function via the PWIS. I think an aftermarket navigation unit would give better results and be cheaper to keep updated than buying the pcm 3.

    Re: Aftermarket NAV Installation

    Found this (whilst looking for something else, but I remembered this post)..looks almost as good as factory fit in a 987

    Re: Aftermarket NAV Installation

    another fine link, which includes a before and after video, together with a link for full fitting instructions to Renn Tech



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