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    Info from U.S. dealers meeting in Italy; as reported on Rennteam, Stradale will have 20hp more, upgraded brakes, 19" rims, carbon doors w/different panels, plexi or glass windows, new front & rear bumpers, trick dash and interior options, a/c standard, plexi engine cover with carbon frame.
    US launch probable for fall (sept/oct).

    Re: Stradale

    Wow - 1st I've heard of it being US legal - wish I could afford it (except I prefer manual 6spd...)

    Re: what is a "trick dash"?

    trick dash

    what's this? (i know what a dash is, but not what "trick" means in this case )

    thanks for info, zz

    Re: what is a "trick dash"?

    I think he means a display with digital information, like the ones used in the Challenge series.
    If I remember correctly, my dealer told me also something like that.


    Re: thank you

    thanks sounds interesting!!
    cheers; zz

    Re: digital dash

    I heard from my dealer that the digital dash ( like the challenger one) is probabbly not going to be possible due to homologation policis , I hope , instead it will have a LED like the Enzo ( green , yellow and red lights as the rpm increase ) on the stearing wheel. . Any way , a lot of stuff has been said about this car, but nothing really official, fortunatly in adout 2 weeks we will find out everything. I am goin to the genea show to see it in person , I will take a lot of pictures and post them as soon as I come back.
    you all take care

    Re: digital dash

    steering wheel LED's would be GREAT!!
    looking forward to your geneva infos (and pics)!

    cheers; zz

    Re: ferrari in costa rica?

    I didn't know there were any F cars in Costa Rica!

    Re: ferrari in costa rica?

    I didn't know there were any F cars in Costa Rica!

    There are Ferraris in Iraq, in North Korea and even in Cuba. Why not in Costa Rica which is a nice and "normal" south american country? Just curious.

    Re: ferrari in costa rica

    I've spent some time there. Beautiful country GREAT
    people. I only saw 2 P cars and NO F cars that's why I asked...

    Re: ferrari in costa rica?

    When I was in Venezuela, I saw a few Porsches and a couple of 355s
    Venezuelians love cars!!!
    Hope the situation is better nowadays

    Re: ferrari in costa rica

    No problem, Wayne...I fully understand.
    When I heard about a Ferrari in Cuba, I was surprised too.
    BTW: Saddam Hussein's son Udei (I think this is his name) was seen in a Porsche Boxster a year or two ago. It is no secret that stolen cars go through the Lebanon to Syria and then to the Iraq. Well, such cars always go where the money is...and sometimes where bad people are too.

    Re: ferrari in costa rica?

    well, there are about 5 or 6 Ferraris in Costa Rica. Including 2 Modenas and a 375 gtb 1964 ( beatuful). The guys with the modern Ferrari we mainly go to the a track we have near the city , and for the rest of the time we mainly clean it and polish it. Roads are not that great but we have a lot of country roads which are really fun. Funny thing is that people down in general, do not know what is a Ferrari, all my neighbords think I own the lates Mustang ( probabbly for the plated horse). A bad thing, like you may see in the picture, we have to manage to bring a mechanic from the states to have our cars serviced ( in my garage).

    Re: ferrari in costa rica?

    all my neighbords think I own the lates Mustang

    You are better off if your neigbors don't know what Ferrari is. There are a lot jealous people around.



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