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    I have to finalize my order by Wednesday.

    I just received an e-mail from the dealer. My last spec to them was an S in Crystal Silver/Sand, Air Susp, 19" wheels, Alum package, PCM, Xenon, some other stuff. Any advice/suggestions?

    Re: I have to finalize my order by Wednesday.

    Make sure you get Parking Assistant/sensor it's worth the money. I didn't believe in it until yesterday I was backing the car and there was a stupid half way cut off pole that I didn't see and hit it with our ML now the rear bumper needs to be changed .

    Re: I have to finalize my order by Wednesday.

    Hi GM,

    I ordered my Cayenne S with Air susp but it seems when they entered the final order in the computer it wasn't accepted....

    My dealer is checking for me what is going on, if there is a shortage of parts and they keep this feature for the turbo, or and this is what I suspect, Porsche being reluctant to see too many S equipped with Air Susp and be a much better bargain than the turbo....

    When I went to my dealer and checked their allotment, may be only 3-4 Cayenne S were equipped with Air Susp out of a total of 35-40 cars.

    You may also want to check with your dealer if the moonroof isn't a "mandatory" option. It seems to be the case in Europe and all the cars (S and Turbo) at my dealer will have it.

    Your car seems to be very nicely equipped with all the goodies...

    I also went for the tire pressure monitoring system. I think it's a neat feature to have on a very heavy car where tires are highly sollicitated and when the car is used as a daily commuter.

    I added the Servotronic option which is very handy when it comes to parking the car in small spots. The dealer told me you can turn the steering wheel with one finger only at very slow speed.... I'm sure ladies will love this.

    Keep us posted...

    Re: I have to finalize my order by Wednesday.

    Apologies for 2 typos:

    - "may be only 3-4 Cayenne S were equipped" SHOULD read will be equipped...

    - "tires are highly sollicitated" SHOULD read sollicited...

    Ron is may be right, the park assist at US$ 1,000 may not be that expensive considering it can prevents you from having to replace the rear bumper. I personally didn't select it because I think the sensors are really ugly and they ruin the overall look.

    Valeo which is also making this type of equipment told me, drivers and car makers were willing to see the sensors whilst they could easilly be hidden in the bumper itself.... Here is another example of very high margin product for the car assembler....

    Thanks Eric and Ron

    I just sent off my e-mail to the dealer. It's the same specs I sent him a month ago.

    I also talked to the dealer on the phone today and got the same story about the S and air suspension. He liked my specs and is ordering a similar demo for March delivery. If that air suspension thing changes I can have his demo. My order will probably be in the March build/April delivery. I am not giving up on the air suspension.

    Good advice on the options. That was all in the "other stuff" I mentioned above: moonroof, park assist, pressure monitor, servotronic, etc. The dealer also offered to paint the lower molding the body color when the vehicle gets here (a major asthetic problem for the lighter colored S, in my opinion).

    Eric, I agree about the high profit on some of these options. What to do? Anything we do with Porsche will apparently result in high profits for the manufacturer. I don't think the park assist is such a big asthetic faux pas. It is a little cluttered but not bad.

    And now ... the wait.

    Air Suspension

    I was informed that air suspension for S would not be available in US for order until late may/june.

    Re: Air Suspension

    I hope Porsche realizes that most S buyers will indeed want the air suspension and that pre-configured vehicles absent this option will: be a tough sell, and, upset those of us who've been patiently waiting to the point of changing plans. This seeming arrogance may work with a well established model preparing for a few upgrades but, it is not the way to garner support and enthusiasm for a new model that many would consider an awkward introduction in the first place.

    Re: Air Suspension

    I don't recommend to anybody to order the Cayenne S without air suspension. If this means to wait a little bit longer, WAIT! Don't rush for something you might not like later on.

    Re: Air Suspension

    I can't agree more.... I think the Air Suspension is what will make the difference between a great car and an outstanding one...

    I personally had to give-up some options I was willing, to get the Air Suspension....



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