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    997S vs GT3?

    Can anybody here compare the GT3 with the performance of the 997S? Preferably somebody who has driven or owned both.


    Re: 997S vs GT3?

    Ask Walter Röhrl

    Re: 997S vs GT3?

    Are you talking about the 996 GT3?

    Re: 997S vs GT3?

    Yes, comparing the 997S with the 2004 996 GT3. They seem like they could be close in performance on a track with suitable tires. The 997S has a little more torque and wider track (I think).


    Re: 997S vs GT3?

    I've had the pleasure of both. I loved the GT3 - though the 997S is way prettier (in my eye). I had just gotten used to the new 997 interior, and never really liked the GT3 exterior much - my apologies to any GT3 owners out there. I love the TT and the GT2 exteriors, and am only just now getting used to the 997 front end.

    The GT3 is a lot louder (interior engine noise) with stiffer suspension - both of which made the drive a lot of fun for me. I found the response of the GT3 to feel way sharper than the 997S as well. I use the word "feel" because I can't be sure how much of my impression was related to the suspension, and how much was vehicle weight and horsepower.

    I am no where near the expert on all the ins and outs, but I highly recommend the GT3 - even as a daily drive - if you don't mind the noise.

    Re: 997S vs GT3?

    Dave makes a good point. Just because two cars have similar measured performance does not mean they deliver the same driving experience. I have two friend with track cars that are very close in lap times at our local track, yet they couldn't be more different to drive:

    1. Corvette Z06 (3,150 lbs 405hp) - track tires
    2. Caterham R400 (1,200 lbs 230hp) - street tires

    Re: 997S vs GT3?

    I work for a Porsche dealership and have had a chance to test drive the GT3 numerous times and have driven the 997S at the track. My impression is that the GT3 is a car that a driver can make look very good, and a 997S is a car that makes a driver look good. The GT3 feels like it keeps going where all other Porsches need to be shifted (8200 RPM redline) It has extremely light steering, you can make it do whatever you want (no PSM) and the throttle is SOOOOO responsive. It is a louder, rougher, more emotional car to drive than a 997. On the other hand, the GT3 is a little much to run to 7-11 to get a gallon of milk.

    Re: 997S vs GT3?

    1. 997 Carrera S with 20 mm chassis is slightly faster on the track than a 996 GT3 Mk1 and also better controllable, especially by not so experienced drivers.
    2. 997 Carrera S with PASM is as fast as the GT3 MK1 on the track, maybe slightly slowlier on certain tracks like the Nordschleife for example.
    3. The 997 Carrera S stands no chance against the GT3 Mk2 but in the hand of an experienced driver, it can outrun most GT3 Mk2 which are driven by not so experienced drivers.

    All my assumptions/experiences of course with chrono sport activated and PSM turned off.

    Another "fact": the GT3 Mk2 is around two seconds faster from 0-125 mph than the 997 Carrera S, top speed is also much higher.

    I had the choice to go for a GT3 Mk2 or a 997 Carrera S for the same money. I did choose the 997 Carrera S because my track days are almost over and I enjoy to have a safety cushion (PSM) in my car. I also like the new look of the 997 Carrera S, the low insurance cost (over here in Germany), low maintenance cost, etc. and of course the two seats in the rear for the two little kids I have.

    If you're not very often on the track or if you rarely have the chance to drive the car very very fast (speed), the GT3 Mk2 might be the wrong car. But of course it is also a matter of personal preferences and a little bit some sort of EGO thing. Driving a "GT3" is always something special, while driving a Carrera may not be THAT special. Of course this is only important if you meet a lot with Porsche addicts, most people on the street don't have a clue about the GT3, body kits, standard equipped cars, etc.

    If you want to go for a GT3, DO NOT buy the Mk1 version.
    Unless it is heavily modified, it can't outperform the 997 Carrera S.



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