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    Question to those that have purchased a Cayenne.

    I am possibly purchasing a Cayenne S in the next couple weeks and was wondering what options I should look for or avoid. I have read that the air suspension seems to be a must but after that it seems pretty hazy. Any input would be appreciated.

    Re: Question to those that have purchased a Cayenne.

    Electric Comfort Package
    Park Assist
    Tow Hitch (v. expensive to fit later)

    Optional (imho)
    Full Leather ($$$)
    Wheels (turbo 18 better than standard)
    19's & 20's also nice
    Entry $ Drive (seems a little complicated)

    Re: Question to those that have purchased a Cayenne.

    I will agree with Mick's recommendations exactly on the must haves and the optionals. The entry and drive should be examined carefully and be aware there are many complaints right now that it is not working properly. The short range is a common complaint.

    I would add the collapsible spare to the must have list and the tire pressure monitor and bi-xenon to the strongly recommended options.

    Re: Question to those that have purchased a Cayenne.

    Get Entry & Drive... so far I have had no problems with it.. nice handy feature.. Servotronic is also nice, inexpensive so its worth it.. I would add Bi-Xenons for sure!

    Re: Question to those that have purchased a Cayenne.

    Sorry I forgot the servotronic, I am so used to it now.

    It really is worth it, at low speeds you think the Cayenne is very light, at speed its just gets tighter and tighter.

    Well spotted Kevin

    Thanks to all who helped out...

    Just picked up a silver Cayenne S last night.

    Thanks again for all the info!

    Re: Thanks to all who helped out...

    Congratulations!! Send us some photos. What options did you get?

    Re: Thanks to all who helped out...

    Congrats!!! tell us about it!!

    ...some of the options on my Cayenne S

    I went for some of the options that I wanted as well as the old lady

    Comfort Seats...
    Soft Look leather seats
    Trailer Hitch
    All seats heated + steering wheel
    Tire Pressure Monitoring
    6 Disc changer
    19" w/colored crests

    Re: ...some of the options on my Cayenne S

    No air suspension? Don't tell me you bought it without air suspension...

    What about Air suspension

    Congratulations for your S.

    What about air suspension?

    It's an absolute MUST HAVE.... over 80% of S buyers are going it... If you don't have it, you'll have less pleasure driving it and it will hurt the resale value.

    Re: What about Air suspension

    While I do agree with EricAlain and RC about the air suspension (I wouldn't leave home without it!), let's not spoil his fun. I had a steel sprung Cayenne S loaner for two weeks and can tell you that you don't often notice the lack of air in everyday driving. The steel is quite firm and corners well. A steel sprung Cayenne is still an exceptional vehicle.



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