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    Anyone hardwired the Passport 9500i? Alternatives?

    Has anyone hardwired the Passport 9500i yet? If not, where and how have you mounted it? I know there are several threads with respect to the Valentine 1, but I'm looking for information specific to the 9500i. Please share any recommendations and pictures (of any mounting style) that you have.

    Thank you,

    Re: Anyone hardwired the Passport 9500i? Alternatives?

    I did a Passport 8500 which should be the same as the 9500.

    I used Escort's hardwire cable and ran the wire around the window frame from the rear view mirror area down to the front left side of the window and them along the crack at the edge of the dashboard and down the door frame into the area where the fuse box is located. It is very easy to stuff it securely into the window frame under the rubber. I think I used a little piece of plastic as a wedge to hold it in near the top.

    It was necessary to (very carefully) strip the outer insulation and select just the two power wires to stuff next to the dashboard. I cut the other two wires out. The full black bundle of 4 wires will not fit in this crack. (This is an all leather interior.)

    I had to use a piece of black electric tape to hide the cable in a short section of door frame where there was no place to stuff it. It is not visible unless you crawl around and look for it with the door open.

    At the fuse box, you need to find an unused circuit that is powered only with ignition on. You can use a spade connector and pressfit it into the fuse socket.

    The Escort cable comes with a fuse; USE IT!! and be sure you know how to use a voltmeter and know what you are doing when you connect this up.

    It was a bigger pain to find a grounding point for the other wire. Porsches are too well built and bare grounds are just not allowed to be seen... I finally found a screw fastener up behind the clutch area with enough thread that I could get a nut on top of to tighten the ground wire on. I think this was a fastener that just holds the sound insulation in. Don't be tempted by all that nice bare metal on the steering linkage...

    The detector is mounted just below the mirror, where it is visible to me but not too obvious from behind. The wire comes out of the window frame and is attached with a black cable tie to the rear view mirror post with just enough extra wire so it can be connected -- and easily disconnected if I want to remove the detector.

    Hope this helps. A photo wouldn't do much good, as everything is hidden. All you see is the detector just below the mirror with a black cable dropping down off the mirror post.

    Re: Anyone hardwired the Passport 9500i? Alternatives?

    I did a simillar thing with my passport 8500. I ended up using the fuse socket which is for the rear windshield wiper since I do not have the rear wiper on my car. The radar detectar goes on and off with the car ignition .

    Re: Anyone hardwired the Passport 9500i? Alternatives?

    Thank you very, very much TomN and 997man. I bought the 9500i but haven't opened the box yet -- mainly because of all the negative publicity sent my way. I hope it isn't true, but I read several posts doubting the accuracy of the lockout feature and range detection.

    Re: Anyone hardwired the Passport 9500i? Alternatives?

    Just throwing this out there for any updated responses.


    Re: Anyone hardwired the Passport 9500i? Alternati

    I just use the suction cups so that it can be transfered between cars.



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