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    Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland


    Just back from 4 fantastic days in Finland, attending the Porsche Camp4S advanced winter driving course. This could be recommended to anybody who likes to drive their Porsches a litle sideways....

    The course took place in app -20 degrees and we got to test the cars on snow and ice on both large open parkinglots and many different rallystages through the woods. We learnt the "scandinavian flick", the art of setting the car up in a drift before entering the courves, and when you got it right, the feeling was fantastic.

    regards jo

    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland

    Arghhhhh..... tryed to post some pictures from the woods but it doesent seem to work.... anyway you can see them all on the link....sorry


    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland

    Clickable link:

    (You can't have a .html file extension in a imagelink, it has to be a .jpg or similar extension)

    Takk for bildene

    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland


    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland

    I want to go so badly !!!!!

    thanks for the pics, what an awesome trip you had, nice hair-cut overthere ....

    By the way, you where able to drive the GT3RS in the snow??

    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland

    i heard it was great... must find sometime to go

    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland

    The haircut was made at 3 in the night after 15 vodkas the day we myself... Thought it would look good in the Finnish woods, only problem was it was freezing cold on the head Made quite an impression at breakfast as well, one punk rocker and app 60-70 businessmen in leisureclothes...(remember: you never get a second chance of making a first impression) Probably looked like I had nicked the car when I came sideways through the woods...

    We didn`t bring our own cars, the factory supplied app 60 997 Carrera 4 and 4 S, so we got the keys to a car when we came and gave it back when we left.

    I was one of the few in our group that wanted to drive a tiptronic to find out what my own car would be like on the edge of grip when there is no clutch to save you........


    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland

    I was meant to be there NOW but pending arrival of junior made me delay it until next year last minute...

    great fun the place!

    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland

    Great story...good timing...was just reading an article about Camp 4 in Colorado in the latest Christophorus looks like a lot of fun. Would love to go to Finland, but at least there's a closer option now for those in the U.S. as well.

    I guess the picture is where you are getting rescued by one the Cayenne's...snatched out of the snow bank? Any videos shot from inside the car available?


    Re: Porsche Camp4S in Rovaniemi Finland

    would badly like to do it but always full. next time, i hope



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