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    CGT question....vs enzo...

    guys, i know somebody has answered it (im sure) but i have to requestion why the CGT is SOO much slower than the enzo past say, 120 is a bit quicker in the quarter mile, but the surface area up front just kills that right? Didnt porsche consider this when developing the car? how can it be about 10 sec behind the similar performance enzo to 300?

    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    Doesn't the Enzo cost like $200,000 more than the CGT? That extra dough must account for something.

    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    danny828 said:
    Doesn't the Enzo cost like $200,000 more than the CGT? That extra dough must account for something.

    Yes, 399 production vs. 1500. They didn't (over)spread the R&D over nearly 4X the production.

    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    What does it matter? Porsche or any company could crank the power of their engines way up if they wanted to. Private owners on shoestring budgets are doing it. How many of the owners of any of these cars actually go out and drive them. I can tell you from 1st hand knowledge, that very few ever get driven the way there were designed.

    So i guess the answer would be that the ferrari is designed for static display where a placard can claim great numbers and the cgt will get driven on occassion and its' capabilities are far above most race drivers testosterone levels.


    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    I appreciate all responses, really, I was asking why the car was not more competitive when it seems so close on paper...I realize that its capabilities are beyond those of even some of the best drivers...just wondering how the Enzo which came out first could perform so much better when the power is essentially the same...

    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    Power essentially the same?

    660bhp vs. 612bhp is not essentially and keep in mind the Enzo weighs a bit less and is stripped of creature comforts unlike the Carrera GT...

    And do you have accleration numbers past 120mph? I can't seem to find them in any of magazine since most only go to 100mph.

    Also in your first post you said the Carrera Gt is faster than the Enzo in the quarter mile?? Where did you find this?

    Also according to R&T the Carrera GT is only .4 tenths of a second slower to 100mph which isn't bad at all considering the fact the Carrera GT is much less expensive with much more creature comforts.

    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    CGT, I will try to find this info some time next week, they were VERY close, that I do remember, in the quarter...nearly a draw, but if the CGT is even a tenth faster, then obviously it is plenty competitive...the other info I believe was posted on here...will look and try to find.

    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    enzos are selling for a 400k premium, (1 million USD)

    carrera GT's are barely selling from dealers, people who sell theirs take a 80k loss.

    overproduction kills exotics.

    exclusivity, for everyone (sends shivers down my spine)

    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    Its not just the production numbers, the Enzo owners were invited to buy it, so there are probably lots of rich people that didnt get an invite that are willing to pay lots for one

    Re: CGT question....vs enzo...

    Martin Tyler said:
    Its not just the production numbers, the Enzo owners were invited to buy it, so there are probably lots of rich people that didnt get an invite that are willing to pay lots for one

    Those two facts are clearly related though, IMO.




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