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    Proposed 100 KPH EU speed limit


    I wasn't sure where to post this, but think it would be of interest. I hope Germany does not agree to this:,,12389-1610994,00.html


    Re: Proposed 100 KPH EU speed limit

    I hope nobody agrees to this.

    Re: Proposed 100 KPH EU speed limit

    Disturbing article Jim, thanks for sharing.

    Fortunately, such a proposal will never see the light, those idiots at the ECU are always throwing stupid ideas like that, the ECU is basically composed of the rejeckted washed out polititians from each country who's party sends away in order to still provide them with a healthy salary

    - have they thought about the economic implications of slowing the inter-european highway traffic and transport like that

    - have they considered that according to the studies the VAST MAYORITY of the motorist don't even respect or comply with even the current highway speed limits, there must be somethig wrong with the law when the mayority of the citizens don't agree or follow it.

    - the ECU has no authority over each countrie's traffic legislations, so getting all the european countries to comply will be imposible

    BTW, were about in Iowa do you live Jim?

    Re: Proposed 100 KPH EU speed limit

    It's good to hear this proposal won't gain traction. I've not made it to Germany yet, and surely wouldn't want it ruined by some puritanical speed limit -- we've already got one here (although sometimes it's flouted -- I was recently passed by a 745i doing about 100 MPH on I-88 where the limit is 65).

    I live on the eastern side of Iowa in the center, about 3 blocks from the Mississippi River, in fact. The best roads are up in the northeastern corner of the state, however. If you go on a weekday, you can pretty much have the road to yourself, there's very little traffic.

    These will give you some idea of what it's like. There are lots of twisties and elevation changes around the bluffs, and it's quite beautiful, especially when the leaves are changing color. Our PCA drives tend to focus on this corner of the state (central and western Iowa, with few exceptions, are flat, with straight roads -- very boring.):

    Re: Proposed 100 KPH EU speed limit

    Thanks for the great pics. I always enjoy seeing other parts of the world.

    Re: Proposed 100 KPH EU speed limit

    I have lived in central-eastern Iowa right on the Missisippi too in Davenport specifically (Quad Cities). Reason is that the best Chiropractic College in the world happens to be there, so thats were I went, even if it would take 4 airplane conections just to get there from here.
    I sometimes drove to Whitewater in Wisconsin for hangliding, or Madison for seminars and the drive was very nice.

    Small world

    Re: Proposed 100 KPH EU speed limit

    I don't usually mention towns because nobody knows where Iowa (only two Porsche dealerships for 145K sq. km.) is, in the U.S., even, much less the QC -- it's like trying to explain a Corrado (my other car) to someone. Palmer is our chief international draw.

    A small world, indeed.

    Wisconsin is great (winters aside), especially the southwest corner and anywhere along Lake Michigan. The main drawback is that cars with out of state plates are seen as ripe revenue sources.

    We're getting an increase in limit this July, BTW, woo, up to 70 MPH from 65 (and promises of more rigorous enforcement). Except when the revenuers (i.e., state troopers) are around, most people are already doing 75, at least. Given the limit used to be 75 in the Sixties, things are ridiculously slow, what with increasing horsepower and tire-suspension improvements. I wonder where it'll end? Here's a U.S. table:

    I'll have to find some more pictures for gnil -- those weren't mine. I have a CD with a bunch somewhere. In the meantime, here are a trio from Balltown (also not mine), which is on the map in my base post. There are awesome long sweepers going in and out of town. Balltown itself sits on a high ridge overlooking the Mississippi, with Wisconsin on the far side:

    Carlos (or any RTr), if/when you get back here, shoot me a note, and we'll go for a spin. P-cars are fairly rare out here.




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