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    Buying a Cayman S

    I saw a used Cayman S with the following specs :
    Basalt black metallic/ black standard interior; Preferred package with Tip; Bixenons, auto climate control, sport chrono without PCM. It has an dealer installed Clearbra and a Sirius Satellite radio. The original list price is around $70K ($68 K for the car and $2 K for the radio/bra addon). The dealer is asking $62 K. It has 3600 miles on it. The VIN no. ends with 1288 suggesting it is an early-in-the-model-run car. Any thoughts on whether this is a good buy and I should get it ? I need a Tip because of some leg surgery (knee replacement) i expect in the next few months.

    What discounts should one expect these days for a new car (2007 model) ?Thanks for the advice.
    By the way, I am newbie here. This is my first post.

    Re: Buying a Cayman S

    Sounds like a good deal price wise, but if you get a new one, you will get the colour options you want and the chance to ensure that the first 2000 miles (the most important miles in any Porsche) are driven properly. Personally, I would never buy a new one for such a small difference in price.

    Re: Buying a Cayman S

    Thanks but did you mean "never buy a used one for such a small difference" ?

    Re: Buying a Cayman S

    Sorry dude - meant never buy a used one for such a small difference

    Chandra sounds like an Indian name....

    Re: Buying a Cayman S

    Yes. I am from India. I am talking to my dealer abt a new Cayman S (2007) for $5500 off list. I have been offered $6500 off by a leasing company called but I thought developing a relationship with the local porsche dealer would be good in the long run. Anyone have any ideas on what is available out there in terms of discounts ? BTW, saw some ads for deep discounts on the web for 2006 "new" C2S . Some digging showed these up as loaners and demos - thought I would pass it on for the benefit of everyone. It seems that it is Buyer Beware even when it comes to cars costing $70K + !!!

    Re: Buying a Cayman S

    Chandra, if you want all the info you can stomach, try They talk primarily boxsters, but there is plenty of cayman talk as well. Everything you could ever possibly want to know. Feel free to ask anything, they love new people. Very friendly board. Most other boards are pretty dead compared to

    Re: Buying a Cayman S

    No sure what is the best way to - the $5500 discount sounds fine to me!

    I am Punjabi! Wonder how many indians are on this forum....



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