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    Looking for a very nice stablemate for my C4S Cab

    Greetings and salutations

    I'm looking for a very nice daily driver/ workhorse/ grocery getter and stablemate for my C4S Cab. The Cayenne was the vehicle I was very likely originally going to get before I realized I could actually fit very comfortably in a 997. However, there's more other nice vehicles out now.

    Besides looks and utility, interior size and comfort are key considerations ( I'm 6'6" tall). I also don't care to spend much more than 60k, so the V6 is likely the one for me. I'm also considering the MB ML350( or possibly E-Class ) and Audi Q7. I'm single with no children so a third row isn't crucial.I'm not in a hurry- just trying to do my homework.

    What are your suggestions? Are the new V6 owners satisfied/happy with their Cayennes? How about options? 19's?

    I like the new look!

    Also, anyone here experience the factory pickup of their Cayenne? How was it? I did it for my C4S Cab and really enjoyed it- so that is also likely in my plans.

    Please provide your input.


    Re: Looking for a very nice stablemate for my C4S Cab


    Nobody gives you any response?

    I haven't test driven the new V6, but from my ownership of a CS for 4 years, I can reassure you that it is a good daily driver and will make a good complement to your C4S. Not sure if you need winter tires, but for me I ordered the cheapest wheels from Porsche and use it as winter setup, and then get OEM 20" Sport Techno for summer use (at about the same price if I ordered initially. This way I got my winter setup for free) I guess you will go for a test drive and let us know your decision.

    Re: Looking for a very nice stablemate for my C4S Cab

    Thanks a lot for your input, Tim!

    Sounds like you're happy!

    19's or 20's should be pretty ideal for most conditions in CA.

    Yeah, I was wondering if I should start chatting/posting to myself.

    Thanks, again. All the best.

    Re: Looking for a very nice stablemate for my C4S Cab

    And congrats on your pending new arrival!

    Re: Looking for a very nice stablemate for my C4S Cab

    I spent a brief moment at the dealership tonight looking at the Cayenne and the Audi Q7. I prefer the looks inside and out of the Cayenne. I'm definitely finding the exterior to be more and more attractive. And the CS definitely appears to be a better value than the base model.

    Re: Looking for a very nice stablemate for my C4S Cab

    try backing the Q7 up into a car park.

    the visability in all of those extended wagon like machines is brutal imo.

    Re: Looking for a very nice stablemate for my C4S


    The new CS with the direct injection engine is a great choice for a daily driver. I've only had brief drives in the Q7 but found it to be much less rewarding if you "enjoy" driving. It does have a more modern and spacious interior but after 2 years of driving a V6 Cayenne as my daily I still enjoy it and am looking forward to picking up my new 08 CS in a few weeks time. I also recently test drove a new model X5 in 3.0d trim and found that it felt like a large truck and did not handle anywhere near as well as the Cayenne. I guess it would require the dynamic handling package to be fitted to give a better comparison. The interior felt disappointingly cheap to me as well so I'm happy I stuck with Porsche.

    Re: Looking for a very nice stablemate for my C4S


    Yes, after actually seeing how large it is, the Q7 doesn't make sense for me since I don't haul a large family or many passengers. It's nice looking, but I also noticed the blind spots. The Cayenne was nicer all around, and I've heard definitely a bit more car-like.


    I'm definitely favoring the Cayenne. Not sure yet if I'll opt for the "S". I've still got time to decide. Hopefully my present daily driver will hold up for awhile longer. Congrats on your soon arriving new addition- sounds very awesome!

    Thanks a lot for you input guys!



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