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    Waiting ain't no fun........

    Being an impatient man all my life, I have decided to take whatever the dealer has in its incoming shipment:
    -Midnight blue C4S
    -Sand interior (partial leather, am I going to regret not getting the full leather?)
    -Tiptronic S (wife needs to drive it too)
    -Sports Chrono Plus
    -Bose Stereo
    -Navigation + Digital TV Tuner (installed by the dealer)
    -Porsche Crest
    -Colour wheel cap
    -full electric seats
    -CD Changer
    -Telephone module

    The car is due to arrive in port on Feb 28, dealer says it will be ready for pick up during the second week of March......

    Argh........the wait is just too much......I want my car now!!

    Re: Waiting ain't no fun........

    Those are some nice specs neo, but I would recommend doing a little research on the different options.. unless the $$ is not a problem and you can upgrade later, I would make sure you get the car outfitted the way you want it.. a great way is to start trolling the threads here, you will pick up a lot of info in no time.. Good luck

    Re: Waiting ain't no fun........

    Nice color combo.

    As regards the options, there are a few items that would make it a show stopper for me.

    Personally, I'm not really a big fan of the aerokit. The front's nice but I couldn't swallow the coffeetable at the back. But that's just me. I would also want the full leather and the adaptive seats.

    What do you want the Digital TV tuner for? (I assume/hope you can only watch TV while the car is not moving).

    I believe that if you're spending that kind of money, the option list should exactly meet your wishes. In addition, the specifying process is part of the fun. So I would rather wait a bit longer but get what I really want.

    However, the options are a very personal thing and you'll be having blast anyways.

    So enjoy the wait and don't forget to post some pics!

    Re: Waiting ain't no fun........

    Yeah go for it. It's got most of what you want? No problem. This, "I gotta have the "EXACT" car I want," thing might have alot to do with people feeling they are spending waaaaaay too much money so they want as much control over what they get as possible. I dunno. You'll be happy; your specs look decent to me ( I got a "halfway-loaded" 997S, wish I got PSE but..., oh well..., too bad. )



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