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    New very hot question for RC :turbo or not turbo?

    I just want to throw one more time a very hot question about the possibility of one boxster RS and/or turbo.
    RC, you have vaguely said in several posts that this thing can occur in the next future.
    Do you think it is still in the air, or that's complete dream ?
    Same question about Cayman obviously.
    Still have my 997 S, but in a sense I regret my 987 S and will return to the model if some additionnal HP can be added.
    If someone has some news or rumors, please add your contribution

    Re: New very hot question for RC :turbo or not turbo?

    Nothing new on this, I'm afraid. Right now, the Cayman doesn't seem to sell too well over here in Germany, so I'm not quite sure what happens next. Either Porsche decides to dump the Cayman for the next model generation (which may not be the case, they may try another "round") or they add a more powerful version to the model portfolio in the hope that this may increase Cayman sales (not very likely I'm afraid since it would hurt 911 sales).

    I'm afraid we have to wait until the 911 facelift is around the corner, I doubt that Porsche will offer a more powerful Cayman model before that. IF at all. The rumour mill regarding a Cayman Turbo/RS/whatever has been quite quiet for some time.

    Re: New very hot question for RC :turbo or not turbo?

    I'm not sure how much Cayman sales would hurt the 911.
    Afterall, the 911 has rear seats, which is often a big reason why it is chosen. But speculation is always fun.

    Re: New very hot question for RC :turbo or not turbo?

    Would they really dump the Cayman? I don't know about Germany, but it seems to be selling pretty well otherwise, and receiving some pretty impressive reviews. I think this will be a keeper, for a looong time, any other thoughts?

    Re: New very hot question for RC :turbo or not turbo?

    danny911 said:
    Would they really dump the Cayman? I

    I for one, hope not. It is a fine alternative for those who like the balance and precision of a mid engined Porsche but would prefer a coupe to a roadster. All Porsche have to do to have a sure fire winner on their hands is to either lower the price or give it more power (320bp would be nice) after the facelift 997 gets a power hike to make room for it.

    Re: New very hot question for RC :turbo or not turbo?

    There's plenty of room for more powerful 98x's along with more powerful 99x's in the future. It's quite reasonable to imagine a Porsche sports car line stretching from 250HP to 550HP, and from USD50k to USD 200k. Split the range, let the 98x go 250hp -> 325hp, and the 99x go 375 -> 550; let the 98x go from USD 50k to 90, while the 99x goes from USD 110k -> 200k.

    Why not?



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