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    Rear seats in a gt3?

    has anyone retrofitted rear seats in a gt3 (comfort spec obviously)?... seems a better plan than upgrading a c2 to gt3 ish spec.

    ...just an idea!

    Re: Rear seats in a gt3?

    From what I've heard, it's more comfy in back without the seats (more room), although no seatbelts...

    Re: Rear seats in a gt3?

    just want to get the kids in safely really... so seatbelts and a secure base for a recaro child seat would be fine. i could fit a ruf roll cage in too, and add ohlins dampers to make the ideal gt3!

    Kids safety

    You need to get a C4 S to drive the kids around and a GT3 for you driving pleasure

    Re: Kids safety

    i'm based in the uk, and am looking at buying a lhd gt3 and then i can save quite alot of money towards a tvr tuscan for when the sun's out... c4s v. new and has not depreciated enough yet!

    No Roll Cage w/backset occupants!

    This is considered a major no no, as it is unsafe due to the potential of the bars coming in contact with the rear seat occupants. Back seats, maybe, but no bars!

    Re: No Roll Cage w/backset occupants!

    agreed...except i think that the ruf cage is designed to be used with rear seats.... it's not like the more usual 'race' type cage.... look on the website if interested

    Re: Kids safety

    Nice cars Ross, but be aware that both of them are serious driver's cars!!!
    You mentionnes cruising when the sun's out!
    The Tuscan will require serious skills if you push it, more thant the GT3 actually (No ABS, No Traction control, No Airbags, etc.)
    Great car though!
    Have you driven one before?

    Re: Kids safety

    yup, and i used to have a cerbera 4.5 which would quite easily blow both into the weeds, at least in a strait line! the only problem is tvrs are very expensive to run, and require lots of maintenance to keep them reliable

    Re: Kids safety

    I considered putting rear seats in my last GT3 - however after discussing with my dealer (and Porsche GB) this is apparently a no no - something to do with type approval regulations ?? My official porsche dealer said that they would not undertake to install seats or belts in the rear of a gt3 for potential liability issues should something go wrong? seems a shame really as the mounting points etc for the belts are all there and i would have thought this a relatively simple job.

    Type approval

    This would be a problem in many parts of Europe. But it would be a matter of local legislation. You'll probably find that there are ways of getting it approved in many places. I don't know about the U.K. but I do know that there are a lot of vehicles that are getting plates there after inspection which never were type certified for the road. So just because the dealer doesn't want to know doesn't mean that it couldn't be done legally. You'd need to find out.

    Oh, another issue would be insurance. You'd need to make sure that they were aware that it was now a four passenger car. So you can be sure that your rates will go up!

    You would have the same problems if you decided to put a tow bar on the GT3 (which it is also not certified for).


    Re: Type approval

    thanks guys that's really helpful. it would seem that the best way is to try and get it doone in germany before i bring the car back to the uk, maybee ruf would do it if i bought a cage off them...


    Germany is very strict. Usually nothing can be done without TUV approval. For example, you can only put on a car the tyre brand and type approved by TUV. Getting TUV approval for something new can be more than a little work.

    I suspect that it would be easier to deal with the British.


    Re: Rear seats in a gt3?

    Ross, I pursued this at some length back in 1999. I'm not sure if this is an issue in all markets, but mounting points for the dry sump reserviour conflicted with inboard mounting points for the rear belts. It was possible to overcome this, but when the anticipated cost reached around $US8,000 for parts, labour, and engineering certification I gave up.

    I ordered my car as a comfort spec and with P77 seats in anticipation of fitting rear seats. My new GT3 will be a clubsport with proper GT3 seats and absolutely no consideration for rear passengers. That's what the X5 is for.


    Re: Rear seats in a gt3?

    terrific, thanks guys, i think i rather like the look of those bucket seats and a cage then!

    Re: Rear seats in a gt3?

    Mine has belts in back but no seats. It's actually a lot more comfortable back there without the seats. At least with the belts I can transport kids (and the occasional adult) and have them strapped in.



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