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    Thinking about getting a '94 512 TR. Anyone has any experience with this car? Anything to look out for when buying one? I know the maintenance on this one will not be funny, but it's one of those cars that hits the right spot for me. Just can't get over the idea of owning one. Also, what's the best way to get one? Anyone know a good broker?

    Re: 512TR

    I hope CR jumps in on this one. He can be of help, I'm sure about it. Where do you want to get this car from? US or Europe?

    Re: 512TR

    hi jean,

    did you already by the testa, or are you still waiting for some input?
    a friend of mine used to own one, and i could ask him your questions and pass them on.

    let me know

    best, florian

    Re: 512TR

    I'm still looking.
    That would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Floren.

    Re: 512TR

    ok jean,

    here we go:

    The utterly fantastic 512TR flat-V12 is quite possible the most charismatic and tuneful road car engine ever made.
    Despite the compexity and sheer size of that engine reliabilty is very good as long as the service schedule is STRICTLY adhered to.
    Insist in that!
    The TR will always smoke on start-up (hot or could) because the flat-12 layout allows oil to collect in the bottom of the valves. This is nothing to worry about. More important is to check for uneven tickover and "hunting" which means the TR's unreliable fuel-metering unit needs replacing. A new one costs 1.000 pounds + VAT fitted.
    Make sure to check all electronics as this is the area where you're most likely to find problems.
    In this car you'll kill a set of pads - on hard use - in as little as 3000 miles though it is possible to eke out 8000 miles with less enthusiastic driving.
    Neither the car is typically used as an everyday drive so the discs can corrode; expect to replace themat around the 10,000 mile mark.
    The TR can be very hard on its clutch and, although the parts and labour are relatively cheap for a Ferrari, you are still lokking at close to 1000 pounds (or 1800 USD) tp replace it.
    The 512 was available with ABS at extra cost and only a few were fitted with this desirable option. Performing an emergency stop on the test drive will tell you if the car has it!
    The 512 TR can corrode quite quickly. The bottom edges of the doors and sills should be checked, as should the trademark side fins. Corrosion of these is a costly problem as the have to be stripped to be repaired - a timeconsuming process.
    The TR has quite conventional dampers and they're less likely to give trouble. Bute the money you might save on them will be blown on the TR's habit of eating rear tyres. Don't count on getting more than 6000 miles from a set even if you dont attend trackdays - and 295/35 ZR 18s won't come cheap.

    O.K. Hope i could help him a little. Whish him haapy driving once he owns the TR!


    That's what Liam wrote. He lives near London, so he has no advice on a good broker in the US. But he would never buy from an unofficial dealer.

    hope we could help.

    best, floren

    Re: 512TR

    Hey Jean,

    did you already buy your 512 TR?

    would like to hear if you had good luck in finding a suitable car!

    best whishes, floren

    Re: 512TR

    Thanks, Floren.

    I have some trouble finding the exact 512TR that I'm looking for. I wish I can find '94 with ABS, and hopefully Euro model here in US. I guess you can understand my difficulty, somewhat.

    Re: 512TR

    hey jean,

    understand you just too good.

    and you should definitely not just the next 512.

    here in germany is a quite good company with currently more than 400 ferraris on sale.
    the have a lot of awesome 512 TR's as well. the sell wordwide and will propably be able to help you.

    you can visit them here:

    i whish you godd luck. and keep us updated!

    best whishes, floren



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