At least someone manages to make a turbocharged 6-cyl engine with no turbolag and that sounds great

but there's no doubt that the new powerplant represents the very best of the Bavarian firm's engineering expertise. Bristling with muscle, yet as gentle as a pussycat in everyday use, the direct-injection, twin-turbo 3.0-litre unit is as flexible as any thoroughbred turbodiesel we have tested, delivering a thumping 400Nm of torque, which peaks at an incredibly low 1,300rpm.

Select the sixth ratio on the slightly awkward-shifting manual gearbox, and the engine will pull away cleanly from 800rpm, all the way to the red line. And as it gathers pace - without a hint of turbo lag - the soundtrack that accompanies this is astonishing: a six-cylinder rasp which thrills through the hills without tiring in town or on the motorway. Yet performance in every gear is nothing less than impressive.