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    Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    Well, ... not yet, but I am headed there Friday. This will be the first real off-road outing for my Cayenne. I hope everything goes well (no breakdowns ). Here is a link to the website: Big Bend and a view from one of the trails I plan to take. I notice the site has some German text for our friends from Deutschland.

    It is just a weekend outing and I will be back Monday. I will post photos when I return.

    Re: Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    Well, I'm back. Had a great time. A little tired from 7 hours of driving today. I will post a couple of photos and retire for the evening.

    Here is a photo from inside the Chisos Mountain Basin where the lodge is located.

    Re: Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    Your Cayenne looks so clean...

    Just can't wait to see the pictures.

    Re: Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    Ruins from River Road; same title as the first photo in this series but different ruins I guess. I was at the Mariscal Mine ruins for this photo. The building is part of an abondened mercury mine.

    Re: Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    Pine Canyon Road. This road branches off the Glenn Spring road for about 5 miles and ends at a hiking trailhead that goes to the Pine Canyon.

    Re: Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    At the end of the Pine Canyon Road we hiked up the trail a few hundred feet and found this warning from the ranger. While not Cayenne or auto related , I thought you might find it interesting. There had been a lion attack in May (the attackee survived).

    Re: Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    Black Gap Road is the REAL four wheel drive test. It scared the heck out of me the first time I drove it. I checked with the ranger at Panther Junction (park headquarters) when I first arrived, to get current road conditions. I asked how Black Gap Road was. She said "It's crappy, it's always crappy but, it hasn't rained lately so it should be passable. I've only driven it once." She pauses and reflects. "It scares me, especially that part with the dropoff." She goes off to check with others in the back then returns with this report. "Yes, it should be OK. Others have gone down it and reported back. It should be OK."

    And it was. It was better than the first time I drove it. Still, it is very much an excellent test of a 4WD. A two wheel drive of any type would not make it.

    This photo is from the end of the trail. Or ... the end of the trail for me. It could be the beginning for others. I think it might be easier starting from this way actually.

    I will post photos from the trail tomorrow.

    Re: Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    Beautiful pix GM Austin.

    Re: Cayenne in Big Bend National Park

    Great pic GM

    Black Gap Road

    The most excitement happened shortly after getting on this road. I came to a washed out spot in the road that had a large boulder in the middle. My passenger got out to advise and direct and also take the next three photos.

    Re: Black Gap Road

    The banked left side doesn't look too steep in this photo but it looked very steep to me from the downhill vantage point so I decided to cross over to the right about halfway through the wash and that seemed to work. Low range and locked center differential were definitely required. There was a little bit of dramatics from the Cayenne with the traction control coming on and off and some rocking back and forth. It seems odd but I was never really aware that I had any wheels off the ground.

    Re: Black Gap Road

    The ground clearance was so great I never really worried about busting anything. There was some spinning, slipping and throwing rocks but that's just part of it and I will have to say that I think the Cayenne did great, especially with those Contintental 4X4 Contact M&S tires. If I had the Pirelli Scorpion A/T's the traction would have been better and I would have had more confidence in applying the throttle. As it was I worried some about the tires durability

    Cayenne meets Jackrabbit


    More Black Gap Road

    This photo doesn't look as bad as this looked in real life but, driving over it went better than expected.

    Leaving Big Bend

    Up and out at 6 am Sunday morning. We stopped to breathe in the morning desert air and look at the sunrise. I snapped this photo.

    Back to civilization

    in Marathon,TX (120 miles away) for breakfast at the very nice and historic Gage Hotel. This is a view of the battle scars (superficial I think, it will probably all wash off) and a little bit of the Hotel.

    Re: Back to civilization

    Nice pictures

    Re: Back to civilization

    The best off road pictures from the Cayenne I have seen so far
    Great work GM

    Playing with Photoshop

    I took one of the more interesting photos and lightened the shadow under the car (found a little more detail there), cropped it and redid the license.

    Re: Playing with Photoshop

    I just LOVE your pictures, GM. Thanks again.



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