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    which seat should I choose: adjustable or regular

    Good morning, could you please provide me with some information. I'm interested in a 997 TURBO but when I tried out the seat I found that all the seats are pretty tight, I'm 6 feet tall and rather big, I go to the gym a lot. What would you recommend: would you go for the adjustable sports seats or the regular ones?

    you will want the adaptive seat

    it's worth every penny, IMO. I'm 6' and about 210

    Re: you will want the adaptive seat

    AND YOU..what type of seat you have got?

    Re: you will want the adaptive seat

    sport seats they are amazing. im 6feet to . just excelent.


    on my 997tt

    Re: adaptive

    I chose adaptive as well, however, I'm 5"11 and pretty thin...

    My best advice go to your local porsche dealer and try the sports and the adaptive as you can find them in any of the 911 and caymam...

    As your are rather big adaptive maybe better as you can adjust the side bolster to your morphology.

    Re: adaptive

    Also try the standard seats - many people find them plenty grippy and a damn sight more comfortable - I don't work out too much but have broad shoulders and find the sports seats (adaptive or not) just too tight.

    Re: adaptive

    I do practise bodybuilding problem is my back which is broad...any advices?

    Re: adaptive

    tyty said:
    I do practise bodybuilding problem is my back which is broad...any advices?

    TRY THEM!!!!! Then you will will be able to chose better than any advice you can get...

    Re: adaptive

    for me Sports adaptive seats are a MUST!!!

    Re: adaptive

    I have adaptive seats and very happy I ordered them. They provide loads of support and are quite comfortable.

    Re: adaptive

    I agree with Polo, it's better to TRY them out for yourself rather than rely on the spoken testimonies of everyone on here. We all have different shapes, thoughts and opinions on what feels good to us. For the record, I'm getting the adpative seats because they felt great to me.

    Re: adaptive

    I wanna know the opinions on seats from who has a large back ..thenks you

    Re: which seat should I choose: adjustable or regular

    Try the adaptive sports and electrics out. For my body, both are good, but the adaptives better, based on 2 days of driving.


    Re: which seat should I choose: adjustable or regular

    OK....BUT....I ASK YOU :

    adaptable sportiv seat can become larger than a normal sportiv seat ?

    Re: which seat should I choose: adjustable or regular

    That's why it's called "adaptive." There's inflatable bolsters on the lower and upper cushions that either grows or shrinks in size according to your tastes.

    Re: which seat should I choose: adjustable or regu

    I had the regular seats in my car and I had wanted the adaptive ones or at least the sport seats. But then I realize if I have anything but the regular seat my arms will not be able to reach the back seat, the flappy wing is in the way. Now I am very happy to have the regular one as there are times when I need to reach for stuff that I put in the backseat and occasionally tend to my 5 yr old.



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