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    Nice ride

    Seems most posts here are about another 10 Hp on top of amounts that can't be fully used anyway or 1/10's of sec.s when no one here drag races.

    To me it is about how a car looks, sounds, and feels. That's why I am a 928 nut. The cars that are being poduced today that come close are the Vanquish and the M6.

    Yesterday I took a drive in the everyday sedan and had a new all black M6 pull along side, actually pass, so I kept up so I could look at it. The M6 has an incredible presence on the road. It's shape does not come across in pictures. It is wide, low, and beautifully sculpted. Not as exotic looking as a 928 but dam close.

    Does anyone own 1 here? Have any of you watched 1 closely in real life? A few pics I found;

    Re: Nice ride


    Re: Nice ride

    Though I don't like em, nice drop top

    Re: Nice ride

    I agree a very nice looking car. Surprising it doens't get discussed more in the Automotive press- everything seems to be focused on the M5.

    Re: Nice ride

    Nice looking but now, without a "bumper," there's no way to parallel park these BMW cars and relax.

    Sooooo, what's the fun of owning a BMW daily driver that can't be parked without getting significant PITA damage?

    Re: Nice ride

    A friend of mine drove his into a guardrail at 200+ km/h last week. Tire blowout. Don't find the M6 to have much presence. Then again, that may be because there are so many of them here. An older Porsche (including the 928) will turn more heads.

    Re: Nice ride

    I'm not a fan of the convertible, but the coupe is MEAN looking

    Re: Nice ride do see a lot of them down here too...personally I think it's a weird car...I mean it as in the way it's HUGE but it does draw you attention...I don't know...aesthetically I think I like it but it's so damn big...

    Re: Nice ride

    Sorry. There is not one angle I like about that car.

    Re: Nice ride

    Some auto makers don't do wood inside very well but this is really nice;

    Re: Nice ride

    One of the best looking BMWs currently available, but I don't like it very much. Not much fun to drive either. No wait, a lot of fun the first couple of days, but once the novelty is over it's pretty boring. Plus, I hate that you have to press like 50 buttons and change settings in iDrive to get maximum performance. If I want maximum performance all I want to have to do is floor it.

    Re: Nice ride

    JohnJohn said:
    One of the best looking BMWs currently available, but I don't like it very much. Not much fun to drive either. No wait, a lot of fun the first couple of days, but once the novelty is over it's pretty boring. Plus, I hate that you have to press like 50 buttons and change settings in iDrive to get maximum performance. If I want maximum performance all I want to have to do is floor it.

    I thought you only set the "M" settings once and then pressed the button with the same letter..

    The M6 certainly has presence on the road, and is quite good looking too IMO. Yet looking good and not great at that price is not enough..

    Re: Nice ride

    I honestly don't remember exactly, just that I had to fiddle around with a bunch of buttons. So most of the time I just drove around in the 400 hp mode. Either way, I don't want to have to press any buttons to get full power, just the throttle.

    Re: Nice ride

    used DB9 for me...

    Re: Nice ride

    Yes you can just set it up to give the most power and all that stuff by pressing the M button... I like that feature actually. It makes the car 'easier' to drive on a daily basis and lowers fuel consumption.

    It's definately a car with good presence too IMO, esp in black or red.
    It's not the most involving car to drive though. Its fun no doubt and has a very nice engine sound and is quite capable though. For a sports car I'd take a Carrera S over it or even a Cayman anytime but as a daily driver its one of the best GT's out there IMO.

    Compared to a SL / SLK AMG though the BMW is much more fun too IMO

    Re: Nice ride

    It certainly is a very good GT, but if that's what I'd want I'd rather have the 650i.

    Re: Nice ride

    True the 650i is arguably better value for money but theres no denying theres just something about having the ability to embaress Ferrari drivers in a comfy GT car ...

    Re: Nice ride

    Driven it....hated it....not fun at all!

    Oh and think that the wood interior looks nice!!

    Re: Nice ride

    jamesaug said:
    Driven it....hated it....not fun at all!

    You work at a merc dealership across the street?

    Yes I think that wood looks great, I also looked in an audi A8 the other day and its' wood was well done. I think mercedes does lousy woodwork and I thinl range rover does ok wood. Porsche used to have some nice small special order pieces in the 928.

    As to performance, It is incredible;

    "Weekly British automotive mag Autocar recently shut down the London City Airport because they wanted to find out what car was the fastest in London. Amidst a field that included hometown hero Bentley's Continental Flying Spur, as well as a Ford GT (it lost to the British-built SLR by nary 1.4 mph, fix!), Corvette Z06, Shelby Daytona Cobra, Porsche 911 Turbo, BMW M6, Alpina B5, and Vauxhall Maloo, the SLR McLaren was able to post the fastest time of 175.7 mph on the one-mile long airport runway. No word on how fast the bike in picture went, though.

    The record attempt marks the fastest a car has ever been driven legally in London and will be submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records. Here are the final trap speeds of the other contestants.

    Mercedes McLaren SLR - 175.7 mph
    Ford GT - 174.3 mph
    Corvette Z06 - 167.0 mph
    Porsche Turbo - 162.6 mph
    BMW M6 - 162.5 mph
    Shelby Daytona Cobra - 159.7 mph
    Alpina B5 - 155.4 mph
    Bentley Flying Spur - 157.4 mph
    Vauxhall Maloo - 160.8 mph

    There was a great video associated with that test that i watched, a lot of fun.

    To each their own James, watch this

    I could understand your comment on the tame 635 but not the M6.



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