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    Euro plate front bracket available?

    Does anyone know if Porsche dealers in Germany sell the front plate bracket for the new Boxster? My father is heading to Germany this week and I'd love it if he could pick one up for me while he's I much prefer the Euro plate on the front to the US plate.


    Re: Euro plate front bracket available?

    Why would you need a bracket for the front plate?
    I just installed my plates without brackets and it looks cleaner IMO.
    Just make sure to use a couple of rubber/plastic mesh rings between the bumper and the plate and you'll be fine

    Re: Euro plate front bracket available?

    Dr. Phil -
    how did you attach the plate to the bumper? double side tape?

    Re: Euro plate front bracket available?

    Nope, I screwed it in using normal X or Torx screws.
    The bumper is made from plastic, and my bumper had 2 pre-made holes with little plugs in them, ready for the plate.
    Just place a 5mm plastic mesh ring between the plate and bumper and use the pre-made holes- you may have to carefully drill two new holes in the plate itself, and then just as carefully bend the plate to follow the curve of the bumper- but thats about it.
    If there are no pre-made holes in the bumper, just screw it in directly - the bumper is made of plastic or some compound material.

    I can show you pics later if you need

    Re: Euro plate front bracket available?

    I do wonder if you can use double-side tape in case you do have to put the plate on the front. Here in California, if we get stop for a mechanical violation (e.g. no front plate) we have to get it fixed and signed off by the CHP or local police. I wonder if they would accept double-sided tape?

    Re: Euro plate front bracket available?

    Why would you risk losing the plate or even worse: getting it sucked up on the windshield?
    If it's mandatory you might as well do it right. Besides, using tape just makes it easier for potential thieves to snatch the plate.
    Ill send u a pic of mine tomorrow (its midnight here now). Maybe that will convince u

    Re: Euro plate front bracket available?

    putting a fake euro plate on a USA car looks very bad.

    Re: Euro plate front bracket available?

    Moogle said:
    putting a fake euro plate on a USA car looks very bad.

    Why do you think that? What if the euro plate is exactly what the US plate is?

    I personally like the look of the euro plate way better then the US plates.




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