I had an eventfull weekend--I traded my 2000 BMW 740i Sport, sold my 2002 Carrera, and bought a 2003 E55 AMG. I sold my Carrera to a local Porsche dealer Sunday, and they sold it Monday!

This E55 is what would happen if the BMW 740i Sport & the Carrera had a baby--and then fed it lots of steriods:

479 hp, 516 lb ft of torque, 0 -60 in 4.5 secs. Adjustable air suspension, and in sport mode 2, handles very close to the Carrera--the steering is not quite as direct as the Carrera, but since I've never tracked my cars, I'll never know the difference. There is no body roll (at least that I can feel), yet it's a very refined ride.

I've owned 3 Porsches since 1989, and it was a tough decision, but this car is unbelievable. It has more power than any car I've ever driven in, and it has 4 doors, so my kids are happy too!!!I Although there'll always be a special place in my heart for the shape of the Carrera, this car is beautiful, muscular, and aggressive looking. The interior is drop dead georgious, very refined and hi tech, and not one squeak or rattle. And the exhaust is wonderful--not as loud as PSE, but very pronounced and refined.

I got the second one delivered by the dealer:

pewter silver
charcoal leather
heated/ventilated front seats (90 degrees here today, and no legs sticking to the seats)
keyless go
drive dynamic seats (side bolsters adjust to offset cornering forces, and lumbar massage (like United first class )
panorama roof w/ solar panel (which ventilates the car when parked, using the solar cells)
integrated Motorola V60i phone
and a bunch of other goodies

I've enjoyed the community on this and those "other" p-car boards, and will still be around, but not as actively as before (anyone know any good AMG boards?). And sometime in the future, I get another Porsche--maby a 997. As Arnold said, I'll be back !!

More pix at:

'03 E55 AMG

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