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    Re: of course, Ferrari's have that image problem

    Alan(NJ) said:
    expensive ultra flashy attention grabber usually piloted by an older men due to the vehicle cost. Assumption is older guy trying to project a youthful vital issue - every woman I have discussed the F car with assumes that the car's parts works great , but the guy's parts don't!!

    You didn't know this?


    No, I've heard the 'thing' you're talking about but never really understood nor really care to understand the concept. It's weird too because if "every woman" you "have discussed the F car with" thinks the guy needs Viagra then obviously there are A LOT of women that chase guys with money while at the same time assuming the cars parts, I mean the GUYS parts dont work. LoL!! Who cares anyway it's ridiculous. Personally I think it's hysterically funny that there may be women out there who may think I buy my sports cars to impress THEM? Yeah sure that's it. I mean seriously don't flatter yourselves even worse there are men listening to them. LoL!!

    btw: I just turned 40 so I guess I'm not "older", at least not to all the women 40 and older. LoL! DONE w/ this topic it's just too stupid.

    Re: If you had $240K: new 997GT2 or used F430 co

    AUM said:
    For the record: Personally I like Ferrari styling; it is art on wheels. Particularly the Strad.

    But I for everyday use I prefer the understated 911. However, the GT2 rear has problems and is not really growing on me.

    Just not feelin the rear of the car. The 996 wing was much better, the whole S7 rear fender just doesn't look right imo. The front looks cool but compared to a 430 Scud just no comparison styling wise.

    Re: If you had $240K: new 997GT2 or used F430 coupe

    nberry said:
    It is without question that the 997GT2 will be a much better performer than the 430. Though new it also will be cheaper than a used 430. Thus on the face of it the GT2 is a no=brainer. But think again.

    The GT2 is a hardcore track car and not designed for public streets. Its ride will be jarring and harsh. Its looks very much like the 100,000 other 997's produced and god knows how many more. It has a whale tail on the back which makes it look like a refugee from a local race track. Driving it to work would be the ultimate expression of a wannabe. AND finally, the GT2 if history is any indication, will probably lose about 30% of its value after one year use.

    The 430 has its problems as well. It is headed toward the end of its life cycle. Its performance now has been exceeded by newer cars. Its footprint on public roads is very conspicuous attracting a lot of attention. Nevertheless, it is a very conducive car for daily driving especially if there is secure parking and the commute is not far.

    My position is one should not pay over MSRP for a Ferrari if they have no plans to stay within the Ferrari family for future models. You pay the premium to be able to buy future Ferrari's at MSRP. If you have no intention of doing so or uncertain, don't buy the Ferrari.

    I beg to differ. How can you say the GT2 isn't designed for public streets? It does have PSM after all. The GT2 is a track AND street car. Therefore I don't know where you get this crazy 'wannabe' idea for people who drive it to work. Also, IMHO, having it look similar to other 997s is a plus.


    Re: If you had $240K: new 997GT2 or used F430 coupe

    For me, the question would be how much I can drive a car. Its rare to see ferrari's as daily drivers. If I spend that type of money I want to drive it everyday. The 430 is beautiful, but is used and can be maintenance hell. Now porsche didn't win the JD powers customer satisfaction award for nothing. The porsche will have amazing power, doesn't look quite as good as the ferrari, but has reliability and still looks great, and you can drive it everyday. I have close to 10k on my GT3 already and that is splitting the miles between three cars. Go for the GT2. You will not regret it.



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