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    Which leather do u have ?

    To check which coulours are most popular.. suspect black is number one

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    I've the duotone stongrey/black full leather. Which button do you want me to click?

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    I noticed that "Palm Green" is an available leather color option, but have never seen a car with it. Anyone made that choice?

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    Cocoa is making a suprisingly strong appearance!

    Of course, I personally think it is the most desireable interior available for the Boxster. Start with Cocoa and work out from there.

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    Quite like palm green, with black exterior - hopeless for resale tho

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    Is there a terracota mafia ?
    $Not sure these results reflect the market
    I believe that most terracota boys are based in US, terracota is no so popular in Europe, at least outside Germany, or buyers fear resale difficulties.

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    Terra Cotta is quite popular in HK, seeing so many 997 and 987 in Terra Cotta since launch...

    I don't care about resale value, I like the color and I am going for it!

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    Ops mille excuses.. i meant cocoa

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    patrice03 said:
    Ops mille excuses.. i meant cocoa

    As for the Cocoa Mafia I have to admit I'm member of the "Family", though not the "Capo di Capi"
    When I have been deliberating about the interior some 8 months ago for the first time, Cocoa seemed to be an exotic colour here in Germany, but popularity of it seems to have grown strongly since then. Still I don't think that a 30% share is representative.

    You may check the 997 board (two threads: "What is your 997 favourite Interior colour" & "How popular is Cocoa" - both started 15 Feb) to get familiar with some other Mafiosi
    Here is my opinion/experience posted in the "How popular is Cocoa" thread:

    ""To me it seems that popularity of Cocoa is increasing. You have to consider that it's a relative new colour, which had a quite difficult start-up as most pics don't do it justice - you have to see it in person. I talked to various dealerships in Germany and always heard the same story: prospective buyers had been reluctant to order Cocoa just based on pics - even the dealers had some doubts to order Cocoa cars for their stock. Original quote from a dealer: "I thought such a browm would not suit a Porsche - until I saw one in person - now I love it". Another quote: "I never sold one before having it on display in the showroom - then the orders started to fly in".

    I totally agree with your view regarding the "feelgood-factor". First time I was sitting in a Cocoa car I just instantly felt "at home". Also the colour provides more of a "real leather" impression compared to other colours.

    Goes best with silver and grey variants IMO.

    Question is whether it will be a short-term fashion only or whether it would establish itself as a "classic". I had a discussion about this question with my brother who is a professional graphic designer with a strong colour-sensitiveness. He strongly supported my idea of a seal/cocoa combo, stating that these tones are becoming more popular in other design areas (architecture, fashion etc.) also and that they are something like a "recurring classic".

    Seems to be true for Porsche also reminding of some popular similar combos for the 356 models of the sixties: one popular (and IMO beautiful) combo was "Slategreay/Deerbrown". ""

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    Completely agree - The thing that decided my choice of Sand was a car in the showroom... Perhaps if I'd seen cocoa then I would have gone for that instead. It's really impossible to tell from pictures or samples. Another reason for my choice of neutral Sand over eg Terracotta (no laughing) was that there was less chance of the interior clashing with whatever the passengers were wearing! Seriously!

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    I have a blue interior,but i like very much cocoa!!!

    Re: Which leather do u have ?

    wtsnet said:
    Another reason for my choice of neutral Sand over eg Terracotta (no laughing) was that there was less chance of the interior clashing with whatever the passengers were wearing! Seriously!

    You don't see me laughing at all
    You won't believe it, but my wife already has collected some clothes matching the cocoa - though would help only if she drives the car on her own, as I always look like an unshaved old tramp during the weekend being happy to get rid of the business suit of armour



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