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    HELP! 07' Targa 4S vs. 11' Boxter S


    I have sought the advice of this board regarding car choices, but haven't been able to make the purchase (the last guy crashed his 911 a couple of days before he was suppose to sell the car to me). So I have come back with options that I'm facing, losing hair and sleep over this and need to hear your opinions:

    ·                                 07' Targa 4S (No PDK and GPS) originally purchased for US$290k with under 10k miles (I'm not joking, you can go on the Porsche China website and see for yourself) now at a 40% discount for US$175k. The warranty has run out, but all maintainance (that one time) has been done at the dealership with clean record. Oh wait, and I can't finance because it is a second hand car.

    ·                                 11' Boxster S (Options: PDK, Bose, 19' wheels, nothing too fancy), I know you will ask me why don't you get a new 911, part of it is that I can't justify paying for a new one in China because the Boxster S will already cost  me a whopping US$160k, the basic 911 will be US$230k. I can get financing for the new car at a 7% interest rate for 5 years with 30% or more down payment requirement.

    ·                                 Assume that new cars depreciate 20% their first year and 10% each year after, pretty standard stuff, but everything is just so much more expensive in China.

    I like the Targa for it's looks, practicality of being between a hard/convertible, storage for my golf bag and the fact that it is a 4S, more so the S than the 4. Oh, and it's the perfect color combo, I would choose the same if I configed a new car, cobalt blue outside, tan inside, a hard find in China's second hand market. You can't really tell it is a used car and has really low mileage for a 3 year old car.  

    I like the feeling of being able to drive with the top down, but in Shanghai, you might get to do it 3 months out of the year. With the traffic and poor air quality during certain days, consider I might only drive with the top down 30-45 days out of the year. The benefits of the Boxster also include that I will be able to finance although at a high interest rate and a little less flashy, plus the feeling of owning a brand new Porsche.

    I know some people might think I'm crazy to spend this much on a car, but tells you how much a car means to me. I will use whatever I choose as a daily driver but also for joy rides on the weekends and probably keep the car for around 7 years. Money is a factor, considering that this is a major financial commitment for me, what would you do if you were in my case? SmileyNot buying could also be a option, but then my girlfriend would probably force me to get a Cayanne instead......

    Re: HELP! 07' Targa 4S vs. 11' Boxter S

    Don`t ever lose sleep over car buying.

    Since you have doubt, then for sure don`t buy the new Boxster, or any new car.  You will hate yourself and lose more sleep with the first year depreciation.

    Generally speaking, I always prefer 911 over Boxster. 

    If I were you, I will buy the Targa, or keeping shopping for something at a better price.  Good Luck.



    2010 997.2 GT3RS;  2008 Cayenne Turbo;  2006 911 Club Coupe #13;  2011 Panamera 4

    Re: HELP! 07' Targa 4S vs. 11' Boxter S

    That's a no brainer Take the 911. Better car, engine, more space (golf bag), less loss, ... There is nothing for the Boxster speaking! And buddy.... Never let a girl forcing you running into a financial commitment for a car! ;)

    Re: HELP! 07' Targa 4S vs. 11' Boxter S

    No brainer... Targa

    Bonus, according to your depreciation model, this year it will only depreciate 10% v. 20% for the Boxster.


    Slow In, Fast Out

    Re: HELP! 07' Targa 4S vs. 11' Boxter S

    I guess the key question to ask yourself is this: do I need PDK or not?

    If not, the targa is the far better choice. If you need PDK, then a boxster S with represent a good alternative.

    That said, I would not buy a new boxster either. In that case, I would look into a second hand  boxster S with PDK.

    Prices in china are just too high to buy new. It doesn't worth it in my humble opinion.

    Good luck!





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