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    How does different options affect the weight?


    Just got my new 997S registered here in Sweden. When registering the vehicle it is weighted as a part of the registration-procedure. My car weight 1447kg with my specific options.

    I'm just a bit concerned what options that add upp all the extra weight? Any of you experts in here who have given this a thought? Sorry to ask this if the topic already have been covered

    Standard weight of the empty car according to porsche is 1420kg which means that my particular options in total add another 27kg.

    My options and some thoughts:
    *Adaptive seats - should add some extra kg I assume? How is the relation between standard seats, sport seats contra adaptives?
    *PCCB - Should save approx 20kg? 50% less than standard brakes at least
    *Sport-chassie -20mm - does this have any impact on weight?
    *Short-shifter - Impact?
    *Full leather - Impact?
    *Sunroof - 10kg extra?
    *Sport Chrono - Impact?
    *Bose - Impact compared to standar system?
    *Navigation, phone-module, tempostat, rainsensor, cdchanger - 5kg in total perhaps
    *Solid black - must be much lighter than metallic paint LOL
    *PSE - impact compared to standard exhaust?



    Re: How does different options affect the weight?

    Seats are probably the guilty part here + Sunroof. Although your car comes to 3183 Lbs, not too bad at all given today's car weight.

    Re: How does different options affect the weight?


    Hadn't really thought about this aspect, but now you mention i'd love to know too!

    I don't know, but suspect that teh 1420 kilo's might be 'dry' weight, i.e. without fluids, so if you figure in oil, coolant, fuel then it *could* account for the difference. My suspicion is that PCCB would counterbalance your other options.

    I'm now waiting to be flamed by someone who knows whether 1420 really is / isn't 'dry' weight.


    Re: How does different options affect the weight?

    Compare the ceramics to the cast iron rotors. That's the weight savings that will be cut into by the extra motors in the seats and the sun roof. Just a thought.

    Re: How does different options affect the weight?

    not very wise to penny and dime weights when it comes to a car that is much more oriented towards comfort than say, a GT3.

    997 GT3 should be proper no cellulose

    Re: How does different options affect the weight?

    Ash has probably hit the nail on the head. The 1420kgs might be all fluids less petrol or half a tank, etc. There is a thread on the Boxster board that puts (from memory) half a tank at 12kg so full 24 kg. Add in your sunroof and seats and that's probably the difference accounted for.

    Re: How does different options affect the weight?

    Bose and PSEs are definitely heavier



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