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    z8compared to 996 cabrio "again" ;-)

    hi guys

    yesterday my friend and i had a very long discussion about cars. the biggest part of the discussion was the comparison between z8 and 996 cab.

    he said: "why a z8? you like sports cars. 996 is a sports car"
    he is driving a 996 cab. and i agree, it is a very sporty car and i think everybody has this point of viev. but i want to remind you, that the z8 and the 996 coupé (not cab. !!!!!!) have nearly the same times on the track (Nordschleife and hockenheim). i'm talking about differences between half an a whole second)

    the cab is 80kg heavyer than the coupé so i think it would do nearly the same time as the z8, wich is still 100 kg heavyer than a 996 cab.
    now some people would say: z8 has also 100 hp more than the 996.
    yes but z8 is more comfortable, but still as fast as a 996 cab. so i think the z8 is a sports car, with a bombastic engine and on the highway you see the 996 cab just in the mirrors

    what do you guys think?

    Re: z8compared to 996 cabrio "again" ;-)

    Let the numbers speak for themselves:

    Hockenheim-Kleiner Kurs
    BMW Z8: 1 min 17,4 sec.
    Porsche 996 C2: 1 min 17,1 sec.

    BMW Z8: 8 min 18 sec.
    Porsche 996 C2: 8 min 17 sec.

    I don't have numbers for the Cab but taking the above figures, adding some weight to the Porsche, I'd say that the BMW Z8 is slightly faster on the track.

    BTW: give the price tag of the Z8, it should be compared to the upcoming 996 Turbo Cab or at least to the 996 Turbo.

    Here are the figures for the 996 Turbo:
    Hockenheim: 1 min 14,6 sec.
    Nuerburgring: 7 min 56 sec.

    And last but not least: why is it so important which one is faster on the track? Both aren't track cars and both appeal to a different kind of customer in my opinion.

    Re: z8compared to 996 cabrio "again" ;-)

    hi RC. Germany

    yes, i agree with you in this point that both cars appeal different kind of costumers.

    according to the price-tag: the z8 has got everything you want. So you don't have to order anything from the "extra-list". even not hard-top, seatheaters, navigation, cd-changer with hifi-system, xenon (ok, wich is also standard in a 996), runflat-tyres,.....everything. and if you compare it then to a 996 cab. than it is nearly the same price maybe 14.000Euro difference in austria (996cab. w. full extras 1.800.000ATS, z8 2.025.000ATS)

    and a turbo just starts from this price (even more) and the 996tt cab. will cost 35000Euro more than a z8.

    so the pricetag isn't so different.
    and don't forget the exclusivity you get with a z8.

    what do you think about this?

    Re: z8compared to 996 cabrio "again" ;-)

    Oh boy, we have to do something about your "stars".

    What I think about the Z8? Well, if you have the money, buy it. It is an exclusive car (a bit too "retro" but anyway), the engine is great and the exhaust sound is probably the best I ever heard on a V8. If you want to drive this car mainly on the street, it is perfect. In Austria, I'd probably go with a 996 C4 Cab with 345 HP powerkit.

    Re: z8compared to 996 cabrio "again" ;-)

    I think you are very right indeed Tschebru,
    I drove both. A good friend of mine has a Z8.
    The Z8 is on its way to become a classic, that's for sure.
    I love that car too.
    But for the same price when it came out, you could get a 360 spider now that's a bombastic cabriolet to use your words.
    Couple of things I didn't like about the Z8 though,
    plastic rear window
    the car looks ugly with the hood up.
    the instruments in the middle don't help.
    Strict 2 seater (compared to the 996 I mean)
    The hood is not 100% automatic and you have to put the hood cover manually
    The car feels somehow heavier, more of a GT than the 996.
    On the other hand, the car makes a wonderful noise, and has one of the best engine in the market,
    And bravo to BMW to give this car all the options, this is great.
    BTW, in France, the Xenon are NOT standard on the 996
    Come on Tschebru, this is Porsche, since when do you get something free
    Soon, the steering wheel and the wheels will be an option.
    So to conclude, yes, they are very different cars, and the value of the Z8 has dropped a lot because, let's face the truth, the car was not a success, sad but true.
    So between the two, I would still go for the BMW
    Because, it's a classic, it's more beautiful, people love it on the street, and most of all, it has exclusivity,
    You see 996 everywhere nowadays (relative to Z8 of course)
    And that's annoying, the 996 is no longer a "special" sports car.
    PS: I emphasize on my congratulations to BMW for their Option policy. But only for the Z8 as it seems that for the other models, they are as bad as Porsche.
    Mercedes is not like that, the S600 was packed with options fitted as standard.

    Re: z8compared to 996 cabrio "again" ;-)

    The best sounding V8???
    Yes it makes a great noise but come on Christian, what about the 360 Modena? You don't like its noise?

    Re: z8compared to 996 cabrio "again" ;-)

    In reply to:
    The best sounding V8??? Yes it makes a great noise but come on Christian, what about the 360 Modena? You don't like its noise?

    Well, I didn't listen to Luigi's Modena yet.

    The Z8 has really a great V8 rumble, like on the older US muscle cars. This is actually the sound I like most on a sportscar. How did you like the sound of the SL 55 AMG? Sound good too but not even close to the Z8.

    Re: z8compared to 996 cabrio "again" ;-)

    yeah, the 360 or 360 spider makes a great noise. maybe the best. just a diablo or mucielago makes it better.

    i also like porsches sportsexhaust. i know its different. not so loud

    but if you compare the z8 to a 360 spyder, i have to say that you don't drife a ferrari in winter or in rain. it is not for everyday-use but the z8 is.

    PS: fanch, i like your taste.

    Car sounds

    Yes I suppose you guys have a point,
    The Z8, SL AMG and Porsche sport exhaust are all on the bassy kinda sound.
    The Z8 sounds the best IMO (not the loudest though) I agree with you Christian.
    The SL55 sounds great too actually, a bit like an old fighter plane would sound (I suppose, the Z8 too though, very similar sounds IMO) impressive, but you have to climb in the revs to get those cars singing.
    At idle and low speed, they are very quiet (though purposeful ), which is why I like the Porsche sport exhaust (which I have), it's there all across the revs range, very bassy, as opposed to what car mags have written, I don't think it sounds like old aircooled models, it just sounds like, well, the sport exhaust for 996
    It's not the sexiest noise, nor is it the most beautiful but trust me Tschebru, it's loud, very loud, on my car at least.
    When I was driving with the Z8 through tunnels, you couldn't here the Z8 if my exhaust was switched on (one great feature about the Porsche sport exhaust).
    Now on to the italians The noise they make is very different, the german cars have a bassy note (Except for the Carrera GT which I've heard on the Porsche website and sounds just like a F1 ).
    The Italian car have a much more high pitched note (including the Maseratis) I actually prefer it, more aggressive!
    Bassy at low revs and the more you climb, the more high pitched it becomes.
    The 360 stock is bassy (quiet) up to 2800 rpm, and then, I just love that noise, sounds like a mad barking dog All the way to 9000 rpm
    WIth Tubi, it's even better, you get it all across the revs.
    The reason why I give so much importance to car sounds is that, in France at least, the laws are changing, it's gonna become more and more difficult to drive fast, the government is really becoming tough (which I think is good but the biggest problem is not speed, it's alcohol anyway, off topic...)
    So I find pleasure in my cars in other things than pure performance (otherwise, I'd go for a 996 Turbo X50 obviously ) and noise is definitly one of them (along with beauty, exclusivity, etc.)

    Re: Car sounds

    hi fanch

    i think you missunderstood me in case of the porsche-sportsexhaust. i meant its not as loud as the modena exhaust but i know that it is louder than the z8. thats right. actually it is very loud. and its sound-character is more like a beast. like you sait more bassy, kind of tractor. but i like it. and i think porsches sportsexhaust fits perfectly to porsche. i can't imagine this sound on other cars. imagine a BMW M3 or a maserati. but for porsche its perfect!

    Re: Car sounds

    @admin: please be as kind an kick Tscherbu to a BMW Z8 Forum.

    Almost everything hab been written already, so I don't realy have something to add.
    My opinion, you can't compare the Z8 with the 996 cab. (point)
    1. Because of the price.
    2. Because of the power.
    Of course everybody has a different taste and different expactions from a car. If everybody would have a good taste so we would see much more porsches on the street, so I'm glad that there are some people who preffer other cars than porsche.

    Buy a 911 cab with powerkit, and modify it a bit, so people will also love to see your car. Thats indeed also exclusive.
    Or if you want to coddle your selfe a bit more so buy a tt cab and modify it a bit, this would be perfekt.
    Z8 and also the SL are two beautiful cars, but I would never buy them. I think most of the porsche drivers now the reasons. And there are way too many


    Re: Car sounds

    hast schon recht avi, you arer right my dear!

    i didn't say the 996 cab. is not a good car. i'd like to hav a car wich is half so good. but let me dream my dreams




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