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    April Build Confirmed. What's Last Date For Color Change?

    hello fellow boarders,

    My April build is approaching, so it's time to get serious about final selection. I've asked my dealer when "final" adjustments can be made, but he's a bit vague on his answer, citing, "Porsche could pull the order anytime". For those of you that have ordered previously, can you offer any insight into how much time is available for changes? The only important change that might occur for me is color. I'm currently spec'd as a triple black cab with XRR's but am considering Arctic or GT Silver as another way to go. I also love the way white, red, yellow, seal, basalt, midnight blue, and well, all the other colors look on this car, so the decision is tough!

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    Regards, Jerry

    Re: April Build Confirmed. What's Last Date For Color Chang

    Congrats, Jerry. I would make my final color and options selection by tomorrow. Your dealer is not trying to be vague, because there is no advance warning when Porsche AG decides to schedule a particular vehicle for production, thus locking out any changes. There is also a lag from when your dealer makes a change in his system, to when PCNA approves the order and puts it in their order system, to when PAG receives the order, and then schedules it for production. So your dealer could log in and make a change that is seemingly accepted, but due to the IT lag and time difference, your car may have actually been scheduled for production yesterday, thus being no longer changeable.

    A long answer to "as an April build, your car could complete production on April 1 or April 30, so hurry up and decide now before it's too late."

    Re: April Build Confirmed. What's Last Date For Color Chang

    I do feel for you regarding the color. It sounds like you really are in a pickle. You have every color on the block still in mind. I went through this 2 months ago. My car is an April build and the dealer just asked the same question. He wanted to make sure I was set on the specs. So it must be getting close. Good luck with the color choice!

    Re: April Build Confirmed. What's Last Date For Color Chang

    I have a March built car (hopefully), is it possible for the dealer to know if its an early or late March built before they get the final production date?


    Re: April Build Confirmed. What's Last Date For Color Chang

    PAG gives no advance warning at all, so there is now way to know if you have an early or late date. Generally speaking, the more exclusive options you have (lots of leather bits, etc.) the later your car will likely be built.

    Re: April Build Confirmed. What's Last Date For Color Chang

    I was told specifically what week mine was to begin production (Week 16).

    Re: April Build Confirmed. What's Last Date For Color Chang

    From the point that the car is entered into the eDCS until it reaches the ACPORD status, the dealer can change configuration and options directly using the eDCS.
    Once the ACPORD status has been reached, the dealer can no longer change the car through the eDCS.
    While it is in the MFGCNF state, the dealer may be able to change the order. The dealer can find out by going into the eDCS, selecting the Opt field, then pressing 8 for View. If the message shows "Released to production department" or "Assigned a Production Number", it is not changeable.
    If these messages do not appear, the dealer can fill out an Order Change Request form and fax it to PCNA.
    After making a change, make sure that you get a printed copy of the updated pro-forma invoice with your name at the top. Also be careful when making changes, because some changes might go through and others be rejected. Once the car reaches the PLPROD status, the configuration is not changeable.

    Hope this helps



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