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    BAD experience with my dealer!

    I own a Cayenne S and bought it from Herb Chambers Porsche in Boston, MA.

    My car had a problem last friday night, the fuel gauge is always empty, temperature detector is blank, and my mileage didn't go up(which is a good thing).

    I went to my dealer on Monday because they weren't open in the weekend. I asked the service guy when I can get my car back, he said that he has to order the parts and he isn't sure when it can be fixed. I'm fine with this. Today, I went to the dealer to ask for a loaner car. Aren't they supposed to give me a Porsche loaner car because my car is a Porsche too?

    He called the rental car company next to the dealer and asked for "any" car. First mistake, he did not give us the Porsche loaner car. Second mistake, he has an attitude problem because he did not respect me and my brother at all. The car from the rental company arrived in few minutes, guess what? It's a 5k worth of car, WTF? It's very dirty, you can't see $hit. I don't even know what brand the car was!!! I was so pissed, he did not give me any respect at all... Even he asked for my bro's credit card (what the hell is this for)

    Everytime I go to the service to fix the problems on my car, he always gave me the $hit look and his attitude problem. What a bad day for me!!

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    and there is another problem with the sales person!

    My dad traded in the old 540i for Cayenne S, and do you guys know what the guy said?

    "I will return your deposit, we do not need to sell the car to you because we can EASILY get another customer"

    Oh man, why are they having atittude problems? Doesn't mean that they work for Porsche, they have everything. Look at how much salary they get? oh gosh...

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    DEETZ said:
    The car from the rental company arrived in few minutes, guess what? It's a 5k worth of car, WTF?

    WTF?? What make is that? Don't think we have that brand in Europe.


    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    Regarding the loaner: my dealer usually gives me a ride home or if I'm lucky a VW Beetle or maybe a VW Golf loaner.
    Usually, I let my wife pick me up and bring me back because I hate the Beetle and the Golf isn't really my favorite either.
    My dealer also offers Porsche loaners...if I pay for them. I don't understand this policy and this is definetely no way to treat a customer but what can I do? We have one single dealer in a 60 km radius, so I'm stuck with this one. He makes bad prices too but the chief mechanic is pretty capable and I'm allowed to stick my nose in almost everything. And yes, the family of the owner is nice too, so nothing to complaint here. But I wish I'd get at least Boxster or a Cayenne V6 loaner.

    Regarding the disrespect and the treatment of the deal with your dad: did you talk to the owner of the dealership? How about a complaint to PCNA directly? I wouldn't accept such a behaviour and sometimes it does wonders talking to PCNA.

    Some Porsche dealers apparently have problems with people who don't look like they're expecting a "real" Porsche customer to look alike. I swear: I've NEVER worn a tie at a Porsche dealer, NEVER. And sometimes I got that "who are you?" look too, especially since I'm young (38) and wearing most of the time jeans and casual wear.

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    RC said:
    Some Porsche dealers apparently have problems with people who don't look like they're expecting a "real" Porsche customer to look alike. I swear: I've NEVER worn a tie at a Porsche dealer, NEVER. And sometimes I got that "who are you?" look too, especially since I'm young (38) and wearing most of the time jeans and casual wear.

    Considering most Porsche owners drive around tie-less and in casual wear (including jeans), at least on the weekend and definitely at the track, you can't help thinking some of those guys need to get out of the showroom a little more!


    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    I'm sorry its What The F... hehehe

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    Its too much work to do all the complaints etc. I just want to share with those people staying near me, because Herb Chambers is the only Porsche dealer in my area, I think.

    I don't even know what brand for the loaner car he gave me, it was not from Herb Chambers, it was from a rental company. Its even worse than a taxi in Boston. Its dirty. I'm sure that the policy here, we get Porsche loaner car whenever our Porsche cars are in service.

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    DEETZ said:
    I'm sorry its What The F... hehehe

    Oh, OK. I know that one!

    It's a Korean make.


    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    My uncle drives a fully loaded passat AWD wagon that he bought new from a VW/Audi dealer in Winnipeg. When he gets his car serviced, the people there offer him the pick of pretty much any car he wants that they have...even higher-end audis and other cars well out of the passat price-range. I think its because they know he could easily afford an S8 or anything else, and they want to make another sale, but still, i think that all luxury dealers should opperate this way.

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    I learnt WTF from my korean friend LOL (in a game conversation)

    Herb chambers (the place my dad bought the car) has three different cars in the same building.
    First floor -> BMW
    Second -> Mini
    Third -> Porsche

    The service guy said that there was no Porsche loaner car at the moment, then he should give me mini or BMW as a loaner car. Not a 5k worth of car which was so dirty!

    The most annoying part is when he answered the rental company guy, maybe he was asked what car the service guy wanted to get for me. He answered "anything". Does this mean that I will be riding that "anything" car?

    Respect is what I needed! Even I pay for services and most of the time I give tips if they treat me correctly!

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    Totaly unrespectfull ...
    Go back to your dealer, but be sure the owner is in-house.
    Then visit that guy, offer him to talk together with the boss, and explain him your disappointment. That's the most mature way to handle the situation. If you can't get excuses or something, just say you consider to leave for another dealer.
    Whatever you car is, it's never respectfull to get a dirty car. It happens sometimes with rental cars. When it happens to me (during my business trips), i just ask another car.
    I was also thinking what's logical for a car to get when yours is on repair ... I mean, is it sooo logical to get a porsche when you own a porsche ? don't know ... at least the car you get should have standard comfort like : airco, room space enough in accordance with your activity, radio if you like, and a car who is corresponding with your general look, and most important : clean inside and outside.
    Good luck

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    I made sure I got at least another P car as a loaner before I bought my TT. Anyway, having grown up and lived about 20 min west of you, I would say that IRA and Pass & Weisz will both treat you WAY better than that, and that you SHOULD go get your deposit down and let them find another customer. I bought a new Saturn when they first came out (I was 19 then) and they treated me with more respect than that! Find a dealer that values your business, and life will be much easier. These Cayennes will be in the shop for little stuff for a while, until they work out the bugs. It's just a fact of life. It just comes with the territory of being an eraly adopter! Thankfully, I haven't had any really MAJOR issues (even the cardan shaft and a transmission cooler replace only took them a day after they received the parts). Just my .02.

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    I just called PCNA and no changes, the PCNA guy referred me to the Manager from Herb Chambers. And the guy he referred me to is Justin Becker, the one with the bad attitude and never give me any respect.

    I called Herb Chambers several times to ask when I can pick up my car, but I was not able to talk to Justin because the receptionist said that he was with a client, or he was on the phone and the receptionist asked me to leave Justin a message.

    I did that several times before, the result is, he NEVER called me back. Not even once!! I told the receptionist that Justin never call me back and she asked for my phone number and my message for Justin. I told her about when I can pick up my car, but up till now I do not get any information.

    So let me list down all the poor service Justin gives me.

    1. Give me the attitude problem everytime I go for service
    2. He gave me 5k worth of loaner car
    3. Asked for my bro's credit card number
    4. Called him so many times and he never call me back
    5. Promised to provide me with some information on when I can pick up my car, no information was given

    This is the worst experience I've had in my life and I want to share this with everyone so you will not be the second victim or probably not the second one.

    So Herb Chambers Porsche Service quality, I rate this as 0/10.

    Thanks for reading this

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    jecey: I will talk to the Sales Manager, George Chambers (probably a relationship with Herb Chambers) and I will let you know on what he says.

    I am sure he is supposed to give me min Porsche Boxster as a loaner car, even someone in had a Cayenne S as a loaner car when his Boxter was in service. My friend in LA had 7series as a loaner car when her 3series was in service. The same thing happened to a friend of mine in Boston when his 5series was in service, he had 7series loaner car.

    ky_soldier: thank you so much for the info, I will either visit Clair Porsche or IRA and Pass & Weisz for my next service, I've heard good comments about Clair Porsche.

    Hopefully my bad experience does not happen to anyone else owning P-cars. I am very disappointed, not only with the quality of the car, but also the service Herb Chambers gave me. All I need to say is that Justin from Herb Chambers has an attitude problem towards me and he did not respect his customers well.

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    Dear DEETZ,

    I'm really shocked from the bad service you got at Herb Chambers.

    I deal with Herb Chambers Boston, and they offered me all the respect and the service that a Porsche owner would expect. Truly they were amazing

    I don't know about the Salesman called Justin, but I was dealing with George Chambers who is the manager of the dealership, and Allan Goldman who is an awesome salesperson.

    I'm truly sorry for your problem, but rest assured that once you let these people know, your problems will get corrected right away.

    Re: BAD experience with my dealer!

    I will pick up my car tomorrow and hopefully I get the chance to speak to George and let him know about my feelings.

    Just to correct you, Justin is from the Service part, not the sales part. He treated me much better today on the phone, I'm glad that he changed, the past is the past, if I keep remembering them, I'll go crazy.

    Maybe he reads Porsche forums and he read what I wrote and he treated me much better. I'm not saying that everyone from Chambers gave me bad service and no respect. I am just referring to two people and it happened to be the Porsche people. But for BMW, I highly recommend Ali from herb chambers, he did incredible job



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