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    610 km...and first problem...

    Hi all

    I'm angry!!!!!!!!

    Yesterday at 12,00 AM (when all workshops are closed) arrived at home,i discovered that my car loss "liquid"...

    Fortunately the leak is begin from a few...the liquid(cool liquid) is again between min and max...
    The risk was that if i don't realize the liquid leak my engine can burn out....

    The leak is under the car center/right side near the exhaust...

    Now my problem is that tomorrow we must put the car on a truck......but is difficult to find a truck that can charge a low car... i don't whant that the truck scrapes my front bumper...

    Now i post some pics of the parts that leaks liquid....

    Re: 610 km...and first problem...


    Re: 610 km...and first problem...


    Re: 610 km...and first problem...

    Someone know if is a difficult parts to change or is easy???
    I don't think is difficult becouse is easy to reach..


    Sorry to hear that, Dario

    Difficult to say if it will be an easy repair or not. If you tell me exactly what's wrong (your dealer might have already done an anylysis), I could tell you aprox. how long it would take to repair it.
    It is always like that with the 996 Turbo: if there is a problem, it occurs during the first 10000-15000 km. Afterwards, problems are pretty seldom. I know this doesn't help much with your problem but maybe it comforts you a little bit for the future.

    Re: Sorry to hear that, Dario

    Christian,tomorrow i let you know something....

    I hope,that this is a little problem..and is the first and last problem!!!


    Re: 610 km...and first problem...

    sorry to hear this... shouldn't happen, really sucks! i'll keep my fingers crossed that porsche is gonna fix it fast.
    cheers; zzboba

    Re: 610 km...and first problem...

    It seems that is liquid from the power steering.....

    wait and see....


    In the pic, the liquid appears to be green, no?

    That would indicate that it's coolant.

    Re: In the pic, the liquid appears to be green, no?

    yes,is green...but it seems oil...and this morning when i steering the wheel there is a no steering-oil rumor... (which clour is the power-steering oil)

    this afternoon i call my dealer to know something...

    Re: 610 km...and first problem...

    is powersteering oil....i've talk with the a coupling not well fixed...

    tomorrow i go to the dealer to take a look...


    Re: 610 km...and first problem...

    Car is again at HOme...all right!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now i'm again HAPPY!!!!!!!!

    was a replacment part needed, or a simple tightening?

    Re: was a replacment part needed, or a simple tightening?

    simple tightening......
    The car was ready from monday,but i take home yesterday...

    Maybe the operator at Porsche AG is not with his mind on the work....


    Dario... should have asked your dealer to check all other engine parts to be sure they're not loose too. Maybe he can do that on your next visit.

    Re: Dario...

    yes..i've asked a lot of thing,the have changed also a belt becouse the steering oil have oiled the i've 680 km on the car and near 3000km the must do a visit on the car,they must control all...

    for the parts that caused the problem,and they said that the Porsche operator has not used the loctite on the muffler's nuts...

    Now i hope that there are no more problems..



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