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    997S Ordered today - Expected delivery September

    Finally took the plunge after much deliberation, and my options on my 997S are as follows:

    Midnight Blue Metallic / Black interior
    650 Sunroof
    P17 Sports suspension (-20mm) incl mechanical LSD
    P77 Sports seats
    XLF Sport exhaust system
    640 Sports chrono pack plus
    XCZ Sport Shifter
    XPA Thicker 3 spoke steering wheel
    454 Cruise Control

    5 months and counting.............

    Re: 997S Ordered today - Expected delivery September

    Congratulations!! Looks a very sporty almost track oriented spec, apart from the sunroof and cruise control. I guess you're getting the Carrera S wheels?

    Curious to know your intentions for this car given you're on a small island like Singapore... and would it be dangerous driving it on the road in Malaysia?

    Re: 997S Ordered today - Expected delivery September

    Very much so, and you're right.... the sunroof and cruise control is somewhat out of place, but these are 2 items i can't live without.

    Carerra S rims comes standard.

    S'pore is indeed small, but there are plenty of roads and Malaysia is the intended playground. Why do you say roads in Malaysia are 'dangerous'?? How dangerous is it compared to NZ?

    Re: 997S Ordered today - Expected delivery September

    993c4 said:
    Very much so, and you're right.... the sunroof and cruise control is somewhat out of place, but these are 2 items i can't live without.

    I agree for a road car

    I've heard that Singaporean cars are targeted for carjacking etc, especially more upmarket cars. (I guess they have to catch you first!!) Also, the driving standards in Malaysia are... shall I say less disciplined, and therefore when travelling at speed, there is less margin for error when other drivers make mistakes.

    Having said that, comparing NZ, it is well known that Singaporean drivers have an atrocious record when driving here on the open road, with many fatalities. I'm certain it's because of the general lack of experience driving around bends at higher speeds, and being unable to "read" the road. I'm certain that you, or anyone else on this board would love driving here and have no problems whatsoever. So it may be "dangerous" here but for different reasons.

    I hope the wait till September passes quickly for you. I noted that the ship that brought my car from Germany (loaded 4/2/05, unloaded 12/3/05) then went on to Australia and Singapore, so you'll probably have fun tracking your car's progress once built.

    Re: 997S Ordered today - Expected delivery September

    WTF? Cruise control as an *option*? That can't be correct. If so my 997S order is messed up! I want cruise and thought it was standard. Unless it's a Singagpore vs. USA availability difference.

    Re: 997S Ordered today - Expected delivery September

    It's standard here too, but unlikely in SIngapore.... how often would you use it there??? PArkassist should be standard there though, front and rear!!

    Re: 997S Ordered today - Expected delivery September

    Nice options! Great auto. You will be so happy! I hope the time goes fast. It seemed like forever to me!



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