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    Re: Cayene Release Day at Sonnen

    Great story - isn't it amazing how we simply go 'ga ga' when in the presence of such an amazing car?

    Re: A 959 almost made me crash in SF!

    dan996 said:
    EricAlain said:

    OK I take the point if $ 65m is just a small portion of your net assets .... then it does make some kind of sense to buy such an expensive estate....

    As far as having a earthquake proof house is concerned I'm not sure such a thing exist in case of a "nasty" one.

    Hurricanes can be very nasty and mean as well .... but the good news is you are aware when they will hit, therefore you have plenty of time to escape ... which is not the case with earthquakes ....

    Building the most expensive house ever in Palm Beach (FL) is showing the bubble is just about to burst .... and the whole thing will land in tears ... It reminds me of the skyscrapper indicator, every time a new record high sky scrapper is announced, the market is extremely close to its peak .... and this time will be no exception .... If I remember correctly, there is a plan to built the world's tallest building in Dubai ...

    PS: Please don't serve me the BS "This time is different ...."

    Good to hear from you Eric. One thing to remember, there is no bubble for the super wealthy.

    The rich and famous pay way more than that ($65M) for their yachts. A large house on Broadway in SF with a view would be a prime acquisition for those that can afford it. They live in a completely different world than the other 99.9% of the population.

    If I had the $$, I'd drop it in an instant for a property like this. This would go well with the house in Vail, the castle in Spain/France, the house on Long Island, the estate in Hawaii, and of course the 200' yacht. And of course the car collection.

    Re: A 959 almost made me crash in SF!

    The last time I spent any time at the factory was in 1986,--when Porsche was deep into 959 production. I probably saw at least 10-20% of their entire 959 production while there, in various places, to include one that was a customer car and with a frontal impact from something harder than it. (That one was silver). Perhaps I should post some of those shots I have from those days...


    Re: A 959 almost made me crash in SF!

    Dan L said:
    Perhaps I should post some of those shots I have from those days...

    Yes please.

    Re: A 959 almost made me crash in SF!

    Matt C said:
    Dan L said:
    Perhaps I should post some of those shots I have from those days...

    Yes please.

    Pretty please?



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