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    Ordering Question...

    If I have an April allocation for an '08 997tt coupe and want to order a paint-to-sample color, will the factory have enough time to complete the car before the summer break and deliver it as an '08?

    Re: Ordering Question...

    Probably not, color to sample orders usually result in a delay of up to 3 months. Of course this depends on the color that you choose. If it's a pre-existing color that Porsche already has in their system then the wait time might be lessened.

    Re: Ordering Question...

    I may need to call the dealer on this one. It wouldn't kill me to wait for the car, I just want to make sure it's ok with the dealer as I have one of the two coupe slots they had left for the year. BTW, the color would be fountain blue - which I know is a color they have in the system.

    Re: Ordering Question...

    Great color! AFAIK Porsche build several 997 Turbos in Fountain Blue so, if you order it know you should get in till May 2008. But, it will also depend on your dealers allocations

    Re: Ordering Question...

    May I be "Frank?" Who _IS_ this guy Frank anyway? All I know is he's got a big mouth he can't keep shut.

    I waited about 18 months (?) total for my M3 and 997S. A few weeks ago I had dealer find a Turbo off the lot for me: ZERO wait. I loooooove it. Got a few options which I really like and I didn't even order them!

    My point: Turbo's already "loaded" and stock colors are all either really nice or easy to live with.

    Why wait and wait and wait? Will the car's color really increase your happiness substantially when you get older by waiting?

    Unless I had something really distracting and fun to do while waiting I wouldn't do it _EXCESSIVELY_ for these cars anymore.

    Just trying to help.

    Re: Ordering Question...

    Sometimes waiting is half the fun. Get what you want, 3 months is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    Re: Ordering Question...


    Let people get what they want.

    Re: Ordering Question...

    Just adding to the conversation. Certainly not telling anybody what to do:

    My latest opinion is "personalizing" the car to your _speculation_ about what will make you the happiest is fun, but not something essential to your TOTAL enjoyment of the car after it is delivered.

    I say "speculation" because alot of people have NOT personally seen their actual car or even components of their car before they start thinking they "must" have them. In fact, many just have photos to decide from.

    Re: Ordering Question...

    I spoke with PCNA this afternoon. Apparently the car will be delivered as an '08 even with a paint to sample order so late in the model year.

    Re: Ordering Question...

    They normally cut off paint to sample on March 15 of that production year. You may get lucky though.



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